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Hello! That short animated fim that Thomas and I did for the 15/15 Film Festival (make a film in 15 hours which includes their quote and object) got nominated for Best Animation! Hurray!!!! Awesome stuff. Thomas found out sometime yesterday. Things have been good. Still working on that job for 9 Lanterns which will hopefully finish soon and possibilities of work for other people coming up in the horizon. Rather excited about it! Should be good. Thomas and I are joining another animation competition which should be fun and great if we win! So much stuff and opportunities to look forward to! Oh, Astri and I have also been doing that collaborated work on Red Bubble and we've been getting some really good responses to it. To see please go here: Hope everyone is well!

Red Bubble Exhibition!

Hello Hello! Here is Kookylane (aka Astri) and myself (alias FireRabbit) at the Red Bubble exhibition! My work and Kookylane's is part of an exhibition of 15 winners in Red Bubble's Digital image competition. Our work was shorlisted from 600 works to 30 where 3 judges culled it down to 15 winners! I had a great time! the punch was rather strong I must say! It was great meeting other Red Bubble folks too and putting names and faces to the aliases. I find Red Bubble really inspiring and addictive! I love checking out the works and leaving feedback (and receiving it!) and just keen to join more competitions of Red Bubble in the future! Incidentally, myself and Kookylane are planning to do a collaborative piece on Red Bubble. Should be loads of fun!

Am in!

Hello! Some biggish news, "Monophobia" (picture in my last blog) has been chosen as a finalist for the Red Bubble Digital Image competition! It will be displayed in the Collingwood Gallery. Opening night is at 7pm April 17. Have a look if you're about! Thomas and I are still waiting for results from the 15/15 Festival. We find out this Wednesday I think. Animadness is also apparently putting all films up on their site on that day too. Not much else to tell except that I am still working on jobs here and there which is good fun most of the times. Sometimes people's disorganization frustrates me as I can't work as quickly as I would like and I end up doing more work than I should because some folks just don't know what they want. Ah well, hazards of the job I guess. :)