Red Bubble Exhibition!

Hello Hello!
Here is Kookylane (aka Astri) and myself (alias FireRabbit) at the Red Bubble exhibition! My work and Kookylane's is part of an exhibition of 15 winners in Red Bubble's Digital image competition. Our work was shorlisted from 600 works to 30 where 3 judges culled it down to 15 winners!

I had a great time! the punch was rather strong I must say! It was great meeting other Red Bubble folks too and putting names and faces to the aliases.

I find Red Bubble really inspiring and addictive! I love checking out the works and leaving feedback (and receiving it!) and just keen to join more competitions of Red Bubble in the future!

Incidentally, myself and Kookylane are planning to do a collaborative piece on Red Bubble. Should be loads of fun!


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