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What's been Happening!


Well, tons of stuff has been happening! I have started at Ettamogah and doing a pretty good job I think! We're ahead of schedule so am rather happy.

Thomas and I didn't win at the 15/15 but that's cool. To be nominated was pretty awesome.

I turned 27 on Tuesday, May 29! Gah, I feel old but am happy that I dont look old! Oil will once again be going full steam ahead this weekend. I am rather excited about it!

I have an obssession with filling up a cabinet with piggy banks filled with coins (I have 5 currently and 4 of those I am trying to fill). I have a vision of one day bringing all of them to the bank in canvas bags or possibly swim in the coins (think Scrooge McDuck) before taking them to the bank. I'll have them washed first ofcourse (the coins I mean). That way they are all clean and shiny!!!! I think I'm a little nuts...


Hello Hello!

Spent the entire week doing some animations for Zactoons which was awesome! A real fun job to do! Dont think I can post any images up yet till they've been released, so I wont :)

I start work at Ettamogah come Monday and that's a full-time gig for 3 months! Yay! I also have lots of work to do after-hours, both personal and paid. It's going to be hectic! Not much news yet to tell though. The 15/15 Film Festival Gala night is next Saturday, I turn 27 in a bit more than a week and just waiting to see what else pops up in the horizon.

The collaboration Astri and I have been doing at Redbubble has temporarily come to a halt. too much work to do...but this is the last piece (above) so far in the collaboration. I made it!

Touching Base


I am exhausted. Been working really hard all week with illustration and animation work. The clients seem happy so far so i am happy. This will be the first time this week since last Saturday that I will be going to bed before 1:00 AM. Wow...

I start at Ettamogah again on May 21. I was suppose to start June 04 but they decided that they wanted me earlier. So that's pretty cool! Not much to tell at the moment aside from the fact that next week is my last week to work from home and after that I will be working full-time at Ettamogah till September or late August. They promised me cake if we get ahead in the animation department. Yay!

Oh, and that short film where I did one scene for the Animadness competition this year, that Bigkidz entered , got 3RD place.

Have to go shopping for a Mother's Day gift tomorrow after I get feedback from clients and do whatever fix-ups that need be...