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Things are much better!

Hello! Things are much better now! Finished all the work for Areeba solutions, finished my current Wizzmedia stuff, settled some issues in my personal life and I have joined a gym. That's right, a gym :)! I want to get fit so am going to make a point to squeeze in at least 3 sessions a week. After work and weekends mostly. I'll be working on OIL tomorrow and may possibly go to the gym again which would be good. I want to draw some more illustration pieces too. For other news, my work on Red Bubble has been selling which is really a very pleasant surprise :) I've managed to sell quite a few cards which is great! Tashom III is the top image and the one below is Ping Pong 10 which you guys can all see on Red Bubble (click on the links section on the right hand side) Really happy that people like my work enough to buy them. It's given me a real buzz! Feeling happy happy!

weird headspace

Well..I made the illustration above based on one of Thomas' photos. Same with the one below. It can also be found on Red Bubble. Things have been very busy. Work at Areeba is winding down and I'm half-way through the first part of my work for Wizzmedia. Am glad that I am still being productive. Been feeling sad and lonely lately which is odd since I've been socializing and hanging out with people moreso than ever before. I wish for too many things and am feeling a little trapped and overwhelmed with some things.

What's on in Marta's life.

Hallo! Busy, busy weekend. Been doing a job for Areeba Solutions, animations for a Devondale Website game. I'll release the link and some images once the site has been launched! Above is my first personal work in a while. A bit more gothic than some of my other pieces. Inspired by one of my friend's modelling shoots. I posted it up on Red Bubble. Click the link on my links sections to see a bigger image of it as well as comments left by other Red Bubblers . I am about to start doing some work for Wizzmedia after-hours. Couldn't start today as the Flash files were in the wrong format. :) But tomorrow night, am hitting it hard! We're ahead of schedule at Ettam ogah which I am very happy about and so are the folks there I imagine! Am really happy working at Ettamogah , all my friends are there and we get to go out to dinner and we have fun hanging out after work! It's really all very pleasant. We all like to eat ! Thomas and I are still working on Oil

dear diary...

Hi! Things have skyrocketed with busy-ness. Doing a project for Areeba Solutions after hours, after working full-time at Ettamogah and will be doing animation work for Wizzmedia shortly as well. What exactly do I do in all my jobs? Animate mostly. I do set-ups as well. Sadly I haven't had much time for my own work as of late and the last illustration I did is the image shown above. Check out a bigger picture of her on RedBubble ( it's located on my Links section) I also finished off an animation for Melbourne Uni last week too. So much to do... but it's better than having nothing to do that's for sure! I'm also socializing a lot more now, funny that when am working with people who happen to be my friends. It's a wonderful thing. There also seems to be more work to do in the horizon and am always eager to see what else pops up and if I can fit it in. I'm obsessed I think. I like building up my folio, I enjoy meeting and working for new clients, I l