Things are much better!


Things are much better now! Finished all the work for Areeba solutions, finished my current Wizzmedia stuff, settled some issues in my personal life and I have joined a gym. That's right, a gym :)! I want to get fit so am going to make a point to squeeze in at least 3 sessions a week. After work and weekends mostly.

I'll be working on OIL tomorrow and may possibly go to the gym again which would be good. I want to draw some more illustration pieces too.

For other news, my work on Red Bubble has been selling which is really a very pleasant surprise :) I've managed to sell quite a few cards which is great!

Tashom III is the top image and the one below is Ping Pong 10 which you guys can all see on Red Bubble (click on the links section on the right hand side) Really happy that people like my work enough to buy them. It's given me a real buzz!

Feeling happy happy!


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