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What's been happening so far in my world....

Hello, hello! Spent most of today working on this gig I got from Renmotion which is pretty cool! I'm doing expression animations for characters in an upcoming FaceBook game, lots of fun! I still have another 20 animations to go..... The two character designs in this post are characters from Neonica's stories. Yup, still illustrating then when I get the chance. It's also very relaxing and meditative I find. Hoping to get the chance to draw another one up some time tonight after rock climbing if am not too destroyed. I have also updated my Red Bubble page! Pretty much adding in thumbnails and links of illustrations that happen to be part of a series. I'm happy with it, looks all pretty now! Well, I still haven't heard back from Visual Playground but a couple of other freelance gigs have finally landed which I am happy about. Working on Zactoon and Renmotion stuff next week. I also finished everything for Wizzmedia which is cool. I was suppose to start

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Hi Everyone! Well those 2 images above are my newest creations...the Magician I did for Unit-16 and the other one above is an illustration of a character from Neonica Cruz's stories. His name is Handcuffs. Neonica is a friend of mine from the Philippines who I've known since the first grade. Long time. She and I have sporadically kept in touch over the last few years but have started to speak to each other again regularly thanks to the internet. I'm drawing up her characters as a break from work and to revisit an old style I used to love drawing in, "Anime" when I have the time or just sick of doing work stuff. Am still waiting for people to get back to me about gigs. It's insane! All want me to do work but can't give me eact details as of the moment so I'm a little at lost who and what to accept. Ettamogah has locked me in July and Visual Playground have not gotten back to me about starting full-time on March 01 and I have a few more freelan

Work is about to pour.....

Hi! Well lots of things are happening. I am currently doing freelance work for Wizzmedia and Bananaland. Wizzmedia I will be finishing off this month and Bananaland some time in March. Things are heating up at Squarei and Bigkidz though start dates are a bit vague and Ettamogah will be starting soon too, between May-July for me. July being the danger point as I will need to be there full-time if schedule goes to plan. I just had an interview with Visual Playground as well and I think I will accept their job offer, though I will have to let it be known that both Ettamogah and Visual Playground will clash starting July and will need to tell Visual Playground that I can't be there as much in the last 2 months. It's going to be a major juggling act on my part. Ah well. I also did my first Acrobatics and Urban Salsa dancing last week! I had fun and am definitely hoping to be able to go there regularly. I am excited that the rock climbing technique course is this coming wee