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Hello I feel much better today and I feel that my outlook in life is looking up. My thoughts just feel a lot clearer than they have been in a while and I feel much better because of it. My fridge is now spic and span and I can use the freezer again. The freezer has been caked with ice and I couldn't open the door to it and now I can! Ice cream and other frozen delights for me!!! Oh, and cooking up stocks of food to last me a week when I start going to work. Anyhow, going to the bank tomorrow morning then am doing work till 5:30pm and I'll be bouldering after that. Should be good. Thomas is also giving me his fitness ball and that will be awesome because I'll be able to work my core muscles while sitting in front of the computer and watching DVDs, woo hoo !!! a bit of a fitness freak who like junk food and it's a contradiction am well aware of...and I don't care! Bring on the weights, the rocks and the cookies!


I've been thinking about things for the last few weeks...leading up to my birthday. I've been thinking about my life, what I want and what can I do to make myself happy. Admittedly I haven't always been thinking clearly and my feelings and headspaces haven't been stable as of late. I am sad, tired and really lonely at the moment but despite that, I think I may have finally figured out some things that will make me better, live better and be a better person. Least I hope so. I want to be happy and I need to figure out ways of how I can be that whether or not I have company. I want to find happiness and dependence within me and my company because other people wont always have the time, energy or desire to be there when I need someone. I am very independent and competent with a lot of things, with the exception of being emotionally attached to someone. I am not dealing with it ending well and I need to. I figured out a few things but there are so many that I don


The illustration above is for Unit 16 , it was my turn for character tag team this week. It looks very pokemon , wish I could have done a better job though. Oh well. Things aren't too crash hot with my friend but things are getting figured out slowly. Baby steps. Still have a bit of work to do and I think am going to the gym or go bouldering on my own today. More likely gym as I haven't done that for a real long time. I wish I could go to Acro today. House cleaning is in order too. My fridge is pathetic, all iced up that I can't even get to the freezer, defrosting that today and then hoping to get to the Markets this week and start cooking myself meals and freezing them up. I'm also organizing all my paperwork this week and backing up all computer files. I went to the dentist yesterday too. Dentists are scary. It hurt...and I have to go back next Friday to get a tooth fixed. Sigh. I also need to schedule an appointment with the Doctors for a check up. I mig


Hi Well, am not feeling too shit hot about stuff at the moment. Things with a friend of mine is really fluctuating and it's not his fault nor is it mine. Circumstances, head spaces and emotions are just not gelling and it's causing a lot of friction and pain between us. A bit of space for a little while is probably the best solution at the moment, though it really pains me. This person and I always hang out and is my closest friend so not having him about will be very strange to say the least...though if things keep going the way they are, there wont be a friendship between us and I value that above all else. I am quitting Acrobatics. It's takes too long to get to via public transport and I still need to hitch a ride with a friend to get there. It sucks but I will need my Saturday afternoon/evenings to do work or to chill out once Ettamogah starts. I've been playing games during my downtime, on the Wii and on Facebook (playing word games against Justin). I


Hi Things are a bit better now. Not ideal but better. A friend and I have been having a few personal difficulties lately and we've patched things up. Some feelings will hurt for a while but he means a lot to me and he says that I am very important to him as well and I believe that. We have a lot of fun together and we've been through a lot; great and wonderful times as well as a whole lot of shit. Shit that affected me at work, our friendship and sometimes our other relationships. Shit that has affected my head, my pride and sometimes I vent to other people about it or tell them a bit about the problem and I end up feeling guilty afterwards when it's all patched up. Foolish feeling, really. I have other friends who are wonderful, talented and great people and who I have every right to talk to when am feeling down. Friends who I would help if they needed me. Anyway, things are better. I am finishing off my work and this current contract is drawing to a close. I

My Birthday and what's been happening so far...

Hi! It was my birthday last Thursday and I've been a bit busy and preoccupied to write these last few days. THURSDAY MAY 29 I spent my birthday working in the morning trying to finish off an episode of Cabbies which was due on Monday, visiting Justin in the afternoon (a day after his surgery) and spent the evening with Thomas having dinner and playing the Wii which I got from him and Danny. I am hooked on Raving Rabbids ! Love that game though some of the activities really frustrate me :) It's definitely a workout for the forearms I must say! The game is so addictive! I just want to finish all my work and spend a whole day just playing it! FRIDAY MAY 30 Spent the morning and afternoon finishing a Cabbie episode, submitted that then played Wii all the way till dinner! Dinner was at De Los Santos! I had a great time! All of my nearest and dearest friends where there and people that I liked, it made me extremely happy. I also had a great birthday cake! Thank you very