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a quick one

Hi I need to do more activities! No Muay Thai or rock climbing is really starting to make my mood shit and I've started to really rant at work without too much thought when my temper starts to go just to let off steam and I did a fantastic faux pas last Friday which I am too embarrassed to write about. Needless to say that was a lesson learnt and I dont think I will ever do that again. Dancing is great but I definitely need something that requires more physical exertion soon.... Meh. I like the picture above, it's cute and somewhat apt.

All hands on deck!!!!

Hey there! This was the last illustration I made, about 2 weeks ago and it looks like it will be the last one I make for a while yet. Things have gone crazier at the studio for deadlines. I need to put my Muay Thai on hold since I simply cannot make it to the classes since I now also have to work on most Saturdays and hopefully will still be able to leave at 6pm on some days for dancing. I need to keep exercising or have some sort of activity at least once a week. I am rather pissed off about Muay Thai though. I really really enjoy it but I can only make class if I leave at 5pm from the studio, or get up at 5am to make the 7am classes or take a class on Saturday and there just isn't enough time at the moment. A friend of mine has said a few things which have sunk in and many of those things weren't easy to hear at all but I needed to hear them though they weren't stuff I wanted to hear. Then again, what I want and what I actually need are two very different things.