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Hey there!

This was the last illustration I made, about 2 weeks ago and it looks like it will be the last one I make for a while yet. Things have gone crazier at the studio for deadlines. I need to put my Muay Thai on hold since I simply cannot make it to the classes since I now also have to work on most Saturdays and hopefully will still be able to leave at 6pm on some days for dancing. I need to keep exercising or have some sort of activity at least once a week. I am rather pissed off about Muay Thai though. I really really enjoy it but I can only make class if I leave at 5pm from the studio, or get up at 5am to make the 7am classes or take a class on Saturday and there just isn't enough time at the moment.

A friend of mine has said a few things which have sunk in and many of those things weren't easy to hear at all but I needed to hear them though they weren't stuff I wanted to hear. Then again, what I want and what I actually need are two very different things.

Am working this weekend, so many things need to be done. It's not so bad though, I work with friends and people who I really do enjoy being with and people that I have every intention of seeing outside the studio. Lots of laughs amongst the pressure and mayhem. I think we're the group that when the shit hits the fan so hard that the fan breaks, we'd be laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

I wonder if I really am a bad judge of character or that I just prefer to be more optimistic about people and focus on what I enjoy and what I find good in them and what made me like certain people to begin with. Meh. Thinking too much after hours and hours of work is not a good thing.


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