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Week 06 Life Drawing and Links to Shortfilms

Howdy! Week 06 of life drawing. Today's model was awesome! She had a lot of great poses and was very challenging to draw. I also liked her hair style! For my last drawing I decided to just use brush pens and I really like the look of it, will try more of that next session. I also have a new page on this blog (look at the tabs above the posts on the left hand side), it's my short film page. Personal stuff I worked on. I haven't done too many personal works over the years but am hoping to change that soon! Here's the link shortfilms

Life drawing week 05 and Showreel link

Hi there! New life drawing stuff for this week. Decided to try colour pencils for a couple of the drawings and pen for this week. I feel that I sketch better in pen rather than pencil. And for those that haven't seen my new show reel please click on the Showreel Tab or click this link : SHOWREEL

Life drawing progress Week 01-04 and other

Hi there, This blog is all about posting up drawings and animations and jobs. Professional stuff really, when I remember to be. I have been going to Life Drawing class once a week for a month now and have decided to display what I have done so far. I'm pretty much posting my best stuff of the week and will be doing so, once a week shortly after life drawing from now on. Week 01 Feb 24 2010 I used normal sketching pencils for these. Week 02: March 03 2010 I wasn't too happy with a lot of my sketches so I am only going to post one from this week, here he is :) Week 03 March 10 2010 I think am getting a bit better. I have also decided to draw using fine liners and pens. No pencil. Week 04: March 17 2010 Ah, my progress thus far! I really do like drawing straight from pen though it gets a bit unforgiving when I make mistakes. Practice makes perfect and I still need to work on

first one for 2010..on the 3rd month..eep!

Howdy... Well things have been very hectic since I last wrote. I had to move house while juggling several different jobs and that did drive me crazy for a little while. My website had to die because my service provider wasn't letting me update and I am still working on refining the script of my short film in-between freelance work. An old friend is back in my life and I have made many new friends and connections on the way from my previous job. Things went crazy at the studio that can't be named and a lot of colleagues suddenly found themselves without work. Luckily, most have found gigs or things to keep them going. I am currently finishing up a job, working on a charity job and animating on Dogstar season 02. Am trying to make a new website, databasing Music Video Festivals for a friend who will cut my showreels in return. I am re-writing and designing stuff for my short film and trying to fit in exercise, relaxation and normality in-between all that. It has been a lon