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Well.....I left this one to the last minute.  I have been busy with work and social life this week along with having a cough that just wouldn't go away.  Pretty ridiculous. I drew and inked this on watercolour paper and was going to do it all traditionally with watercolours but ran out of time and so I scanned it into Photoshop for some colouring love.  Am still planning to colour the original drawing using water'll end up looking like this image I think.... There is so much I want to do and get done in a day, let alone for the year of 2011 and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and wishing that there was more time in the day or that I didn't need to do basic human functions like sleeping and eating and....well other stuff.  Trying to do as much as I can, when I can and when a deadline is imminent. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

IF: Deja-vu

Hi all! Here's my submission to Illustration Friday 's theme: Deja vu.  This was not how I thought the drawing would end up being....I actually had a girl in a cafe originally and have somehow ended up with a scientific dude going through the lab inventory.  Go figure.  I like how this has turned out though!  This was all done in Flash.  I have also discovered that Flash CS4 does not like too much shading but Flash CS3 handles it very well. Things have been going well.  I am still working on creating backgrounds and props for a 10 x 1 minute TV series and doing illustrations for a University for their online tests.  A lot of fun.  I am also going back to kick boxing training soon and have started rock climbing again.  Yay for activities! So much plans for this year.  Thinking of doing an exhibition and displaying nothing but hand painted non-digital works....going to be interesting since I've gotten so used to doing a combination of both.  Least I have a theme in min

3 lil pigs

Howdy I started this drawing before Christmas but only managed to finish it tonight.  I couldn't make up my mind about the colour scheme or if I needed a background.  In the end I decided to go with Primary colours and no background so the characters stand out.  All hand drawn and inked then scanned into photoshop for colour.

IF: Resolutions

Hi there! Happy New Year to everyone and may 2011 bring awesomeness to you all! This is my entry to Illustration Friday: Resolutions.  To be honest I really struggled with this one.  I struggled making resolutions in general...I just want to take things as they come this year.  I've been spending some time self-evaluating during the holidays and just realizing I can't organize everything.  I can make all the lists and promises in the world but I can't stop things from occurring, I can't control the people around me and so I just want to play things by ear this time around and just strive on doing as much as I can of the things I want to do when I can do them.  Like drawing for Illustration Friday ;)