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Illustration Job: Surreal Badge (teapot and cup)

Howdy!  I was asked some months ago to come up with some surreal badges and this was one of my favourite creations.  Fun and whimsical.

This week is majorly intense.  Most of my creative powers have all gone to animation and illustration work at night.  I am pretty happy with the footage I've done the last few days.  Going to tell everyone when the show am working on is on TV!

Illustration Job: Steampunk Noodle Salad

Behold, a steampunk noodle salad.  I did say I get asked to draw all sort of things. 

Not much time to chat tonight as I have some more work to do.   I really am craving to do some drawings soon though.  I have experienced a bit of rudeness from a stranger on the train and an acquaintance recently and I need to have an outlet for it.

Illustration Job: steampunk autumn tree.

My version of a steampunk autumn tree.  I get asked to illustrate all sort of things in my profession.  It's fun and it keeps me on my toes.  I had a very long day at work today and it ain't over yet.  Got to do some freelance now.  Sigh....would be nice if money just grew on trees....

Illustration Job: Steampunk Dog 01

Howdy, howdy!  Well, here's a dog in a steampunk-ish outfit I designed for a math App. aaaages ago!

I don't have a whole lot of time to draw anything new this week am afraid.  I have to gun it at work and I have a freelance gig due.  This industry had never really been balanced and it's normally a whole lot at once or none at all.  Don't think that's going to change any time soon either!  Still I would rather be busy than not.

I also have to pay off a few things this month too, so next month is going to be rather tight!  Eeep!

Illustration Job: Farm App (sheep design)

My sheep re-designed! A cutie, isn't he? 

Anyhoo, my partner and I visited a chocolate factory today!  Loads of fun and so much sweeties!  I feel like I need to train big time next week to make up for it.

That's him looking like he's gone into a chocolate coma.  I now also have green hair.  Pretty pleased with that!

Illustration Job: Farm app (pig design)

Howdy!  check out my piggie design that got approved.  A bit of fun to do!  I have a few more animals to draw though!

Freelancing and chilling as much as I can this weekend.  Next week is going to be very busy....

Bandanna Girl

Howdy!  Drew and coloured this up a few days ago.  This was a girl I saw at the cafe I was in, waiting to meet a friend and I thought she looked rather pretty so I drew her inconspicuously as I could, which is a lot harder than you think.  I quite like my rough sketches without pencils.

Studio work is good but I need to pick up the pace with the freelance gigs I have.  Not long now before they are due.  I spent quite a bit this week, so extra money is definitely handy.

I have been toying with the idea of perhaps learning how to become a make-up artist.  I think it would be fun.  Though perhaps I should learn how to put it on myself properly first.  I was watching some tutorials and I put on some make-up on this morning and I got quite a few compliments.  Looks like I did something right!

Pinky, pink!

Wheeee!  I drew something and had time to colour it in Photoshop!  Oh happy days!  Well, actually I drew this up yesterday while I was at the hairdressers. It was good to have time to draw even if it's not fully finished images.  No pencils, straight pen and started playing around with hair and eyes.  Always good fun.

I wish vanity stuff wasn't so expensive.  Luckily the stuff I get and do, do last for a while and I enjoy it.  A fine balance isn't it?  Saving, enjoying money earned and paying for all bills

Face sketch

Hello, hello!  Well, I managed to get on top of everything at work today!  Hurrah!!!  Managed to get out of work early and do some stuff too like getting my hair done and so forth.  I drew this up at the salon!  My first sketch in days!!!

Anyhoo, must post this quickly.  There's some problems with my internet again where it drops out randomly and no one knows what's wrong with it.  Bleh!

Illustration Job: farm app (hay shed scene)

Hello, hello...this is a non-final version of my hay shed scene.  A few changes will be done through quite a few of the backgrounds later tonight if am not too tired.

Managed to get what I needed done at work today!  Hurrah!  Feels pretty good but it's going to be a constant cyle of busy and taking it easy and deadlines for a while yet!

Illustration Job: Farm App ( crops growing scene)

Hello!  Well, this is something I managed to draw up today for a current freelance gig.  Am still on the farm app job and will be for a couple of weeks yet.  Makes a difference when you can't work on something full time but I am enjoying the job for sure!  I am learning a few things too.... 

Got a few things to do tomorrow at work.  Hoping I finish everything am aiming for!

Illustration Job: Concept Art

A job I did ages ago which didn't go through in the end.  I still had fun doing the concept art for it though and I find the character rather cute.  I had to make it as unisex as possible too which is a bit annoying as it limits the design to only a few looks.  Anyoo, all good.

Illustration Job: Surreal Badge 01

Howdy!  One of my old gigs, before I started my contract work in fact.  It was very enjoyable to do and I had a whole lot of creative freedom to do this and that's what makes a job really fun I think.  Creative freedom!

Got some freelance to do this weekend but may need a bit of a breather on top of that....

Illustration Job: Misclellaneous items

I do feel very lucky to have done enough jobs that have been published that I can actually show some of the design work I've done cos I certainly do not have any time to draw at the least for myself.  I do plenty of drawing every day...but for work.  Thoroughly enjoy it but I am lamenting how there really is not enough time in the day to do everything. 

I think I have slowed down after gunning it for days.  I had a shot I wanted to finish today, albeit it is a very long shot I was hoping to have had it doen already as it's going to cut into my time of doing other things tomorrow.  Ah well.  Can't be at full capacity all the time...especially days at a time.

Sleeping early tonight!

Illustration Job: couch designs

I designed couches for a gig aaaages ago!  This was for a Math app.  Not too sure how it looked at the end but I totally enjoyed creating props for this particular project.  Despite the fast turnaround.  That said, I've been pretty used to fast turnarounds and gunning it when I need to.  This week and last week has been a pretty good example at the studio.  I had one shot completed last week for the current episode since I got bogged down by director re-takes and I stayed late a couple of nights and now am pretty much back on target.  Phew!  I was worried there for a second and have actually been stressing trying to keep up with everything I've undertaken in life.

Been reading this today : Top 5 regrets of dying and am pleased to see that pretty happy with life and what I've done and am doing things that do keep me happy and staying away from stuff that doesn't. 

If I was to die today..I think my biggest regret was that I haven't gone to Japan.  I …

Illustration Job: farm design BG

Howdy!  Another one of my BG designs for an app am freelancing on.  I am enjoying it though it's been tough this week as am trying to smash footage at my contract job.  Long hours all around.  I am keeping up...though I haven't drawn anything for myself for a while now.  Hopefully this weekend.  Maybe.

Illustration Job: sheep design (concept art)

A design that didn't make the cut.  Ah well....can't win them all!  Studio work is insane at the moment so a lot of my energies are being focused towards that...

Illustration Job: pig design

Hi!  Here's a pig design I made that didn;t quite make the cut.  Too bad.  I think it's rather cute.  Oh well.  Can't win them all.  Luckily I have a very high success rate illustration-wise.

Major busy week this week.  I have got to make some major footage....and there's always stuff to do at night.

Illustration Job: Illustration for Storybook App

Hi!  Here's another pic of a gig I did aaaaages ago!  Sorry, had no time to draw anything new this Saturday!

Watched Pacific Rim today.  I wasn't too impressed I must admit.  It took elements of every Robot movie/cartoon/series I have ever watched.  It is a classic concept of Aliens VS Robots which i really like and have been watching that sort of thing for years like Evangelion, Voltes V, Daimyos, Voltron....just to name a few.  The problem was that there wasn't anything new about Pacific Rim....and it was very predictable.  Impressive graphics but ultimately boring.

Illustration Job: cat illustration

Howdy!  Another one for the job!  This is for a Storybook app and this was one of the illustrations.  So cute!

The week is now over and I managed to finish everything I needed to finish.  Hurrah! I have to overtime it a bit next week though to get more done by end of Friday next week.  Oh my!

Illustration Job: Tiger design

Howdy!  Here's a design I created aaaaages ago!  Maybe some time last year.  Time is sure flying by fast. 

This was for an storybook app.  It was definitely good fun to draw and come up with new and cutesy design.  The end product was black and white as well.

Can you tell am busy?  I haven't been able to draw anything new over the last few days.  It has been a bit tough over the last few days at the studio.  Lots of stuff came at once.  Cruisy one week and manic the next.  The life of a creative.

Illustration Job: Padlock

Hi!  It's been a trying few days...let me tell you now...crowd scenes suck and there's no two ways about it.  Anyhoo, it needs to be done, so it will be done I say!  Been a bit tiring though but I think the worst is over.

One of my regular clients asked me to create a cute padlock and this is the result!

Creative folks playing dress up...

Hello, hello!  I've been mentioning the Cons for a while now so I thought I'd do a small compilation of the various costumes friends and I have done over the years.  It's been a whole lot of fun and I do enjoy playing dress up and having friends join in just makes it a lot more enjoyable.

They're all creatives too and the costumes have been getting more detailed and elaborate as time goes on.  I am thinking of doing Elektra again later on this year.  My any of the heroes and villains can battle in that outfit without copious amounts of Hollywood tape is beyond me.  Absolutely insane!

I do enjoy being friends with the people I have and do work with!

Anyhoo....thought I'd drop in some links of my creative costuming buddies:

12 Field:

Illustration Job: Farm app design (farm yard scene rain)

Howdy, was working on the farm app on my day off today (not much of a day off since it involved freelancing and catching up on a whole lot of house chores) and this is one of the designs I finished.

Today was also the Godsquad screening and it was great to see the whole thing onscreen!  Scenes that I worked on and seeing what the other animators have done was very very cool.

A very busy next few weeks at work.  Got quite a few retakes to do and pumping out footage.  Oh dear....

Ostrich Shark

Ostrich Shark!  Tada!  Busy day today at the second day of the con.  I bought artbooks which was awesome.  I shall write a post about it tomorrow!

Smokin Punk

Something I did at work yesterday.  Today was the con and it was awesome!!!  Hoping to have time to draw something about it over the next few days!

Windswept Hair

I drew this on hemp paper, hence why there's so many spots!  I did this at work when I finished my footage.  Hurray for finished footage!!! 

The Oz Comic Con is tomorrow, so it's going to be a long and rather busy and hopefully fun day!  Looking forward to it!

New Display at the Sketch and Tulip

My new stuff at Sketch and Tulip!  These were the pieces I made for a couple of Squishface exhibitions and thought it would be nice to display them more!  They are all for sale at a very good value.

You guys should really visit Sketch and Tulip if you're around the North Melbourne area on Victoria Street.  The coffee and the food is pretty good.  I do love the waffles and their new hot chocolate is absolutely delicious.

Busy but fun weekend coming up.  The comic con is on!!!

Illustration Job: Steampunk Toaster

Here is a steampunk toaster I designed ages ago!  Cute little thing, huh?

Been doing some freelance and tightening up my costume for this weekend.  Oz Comic Con is on!!!!  I hate sewing though.  I really, really do....

Tree Turtle

Hello, hello!  check out my Tree Turtle!  Why a Tree Turtle you ask.....well, why not?  I think he's cute.  Smashing it at work which is pretty cool and watching Superman tonight too.  Should be awesome!!!  Am looking forward to it!

Animation Job: Godsquad

Howdy!  This is an animation gig I worked on last year and this is a poster that was made for it.  This project was a whole lot of fun to work on.  It was adult themed and about cops, what more could you want?  There's a private screening for the crew happening next week and am looking forward to seeing the whole animation put together.  I am not sure when it will be broadcasted though but it's going to be on SBS at some point!  More on that when I know more!