Creative folks playing dress up...

Me as Elektra, Oz Comic Con 2013 Photo taken from here

Adele as Tonto
Adele and Ben as Tonto and the Lone Ranger, Ozcomic con 2013

Adele as Wonder Woman, Ben as Captain Cold and myself as Batgirl.  Supanova 2013
Myself as Storm in Oz Comic Con 2012

Adele as Rogue and myself as Storm at Oz Comic Con 2012
Ben and Dean had a stall.  This is Supanova 2012

All animators and designers! All female!   Supanova 2012
Ben as Cobra Commander, Adele as Rogue and myself as Harley Quinn at Armageddon 2011

2 animators, a designer and the FX department.  Daniel, at the end, is a version of Dr. Who.

Hello, hello!  I've been mentioning the Cons for a while now so I thought I'd do a small compilation of the various costumes friends and I have done over the years.  It's been a whole lot of fun and I do enjoy playing dress up and having friends join in just makes it a lot more enjoyable.

They're all creatives too and the costumes have been getting more detailed and elaborate as time goes on.  I am thinking of doing Elektra again later on this year.  My any of the heroes and villains can battle in that outfit without copious amounts of Hollywood tape is beyond me.  Absolutely insane!

I do enjoy being friends with the people I have and do work with!

Anyhoo....thought I'd drop in some links of my creative costuming buddies:

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