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House of Birds Exhibition Opening Night.

This was David Lee Pereira and I, 2 days before opening night.  Jemimah Clegg wanted to do an article about us and about the exhibition so she caught up with us while we were running around mad trying to figure out the hanging.  The exhibition was held at Pepper Cafe and should be up for a month!

To find out more about the exhibition, check out this article by Matto Lucas.

detail of bird

Detail of one of my upcoming pieces.  3 days to go before the exhibition!  I am nervous and I will feel a whole lot better once it's all hanged up tomorrow.  I hope.

Illustration Job: Egyptian Chararacter Design

Hi!  Something I worked on late last year.  It was for the History Book job.  Been putting up old jobs (that am allowed to post) and delaying posting on the blog as I do have heaps to show but can;t show anything until after the exhibition that's coming up on Feb 27, this Thursday!  Very excited and nervous.  I have never done a solo exhibition and this is the first joint exhibition am doing which is really close to being a solo since there's only one other artist to look at.  Kinda one of those moments where you have no place to hide, you know? 

I haven't freelanced in over a month, it's a great feeling to get more rest but it makes me nervous too.  Extra money is always good after all. Doing exhibitions is an expensive hobby.  However, I think it is beneficial as it gets my work out there and I would like to focus on more exhibitions and selling my after in about 5-10 years time.  Don't think I can ever give up animating but it would be awesome to make a living …

Illustration Job: Mayan Design

One of the designs for a book I worked on late last year.  Putting up older stuff as I don't want to reveal the last piece am working on until exhibition day!  So close very close!  I finished framing everything except for one last piece so here's hoping that I finish it!

cafe doodle again

Another cafe doodle...working on another piece today but this one I want to keep under wraps until the show!

2 more weeks before the exhibition.  Am pretty excited and freaked out at the same time!!!  I hope people enjoy the art, I hope people have a good night.  I hope the plague doesn't hit and that there are no monsoons, typhoons, bushfire on that day.  I hope public transport is working properly.  The previous sentence may be asking for too much.

Small birds framed up!

All small birds framed up...gearing for the upcoming House of Birds exhibition.  Am I starting to freak out....yes.  Yes I am.  Am nervous and there's only two weeks left and I do feel that there is still a lot to do!  So much to do!!!!  Labels, publicity, a show stopping much stuff!!!!  Not to mention the hanging and the cost of that too.  Bah!!!!

Down memory lane through the photos of others!

Ever googled your own name?  Well, thought I'd give it a go tonight on the images section and check what I found!  Photos of me from other folks blogs and just seeing how I looked in the past.  My goodness, what memories.  I think I've been very lucky to have lived a very creative and active life and always being surrounded by artistic people that just constantly push and inspire me.

I wonder if I have enough pieces for the upcoming  exhibition.  God I hope so.

another cafe doodle

Another doodle from the cafe.  I stuffed up a drawing today and am not too sure there's any way to save it.  It was already done, I was just going to spray it with fixative when it splurted instead of sprayed and now the paper is stained.  Am trying to work with it but am not too sure if it is working....

I seemed to have pulled a muscle on my left foot that has started affecting me on Friday and now my foot is strapped up for at least a week for support.  The Osteo said there wasn't anything to worry about and I don't need painkillers or anything so it's no bad but my left foot does feel a bit like it's Chinese bound or something.  Hoping it gets better already.

Cafe Doodling

I was with Rob today at one of our local cafes and we spent some time doodling during our brunch.  This was one of my sketches.  Weather was terrible this morning, a lot better now that it has cooled down but it is still hot in my apartment.

Working away tomorrow at the studio and hoping to get tons done!

Spinifex Pigeons

Howdy! Here's one of the pieces I finished today at Squishface Studio.  I killed two birds with one stone as this is my entry for the Mepxy Markers Valentines comp and one of my pieces for the "House of Birds"  I did another two pieces today too, so am very pleased and even managed to buy all my frames in the Brunswick area.  Not as cheap as I would like but the look was exactly what I wanted.

I was at Squishface today cos my partner needed to help his friend move on a 40 degree day.  I had fun working at the studio and hanging out with my friends.  Just like old times.

Melbourne SketchUp

Hello, hello!  So I've been meaning to write about the Melbourne Sketchup that I went to last Thursday.  I joined the facebook group where people try to meet-up regularly and draw at the 1000 pound bend.

I was working on one the exhibition pieces and I had a great time!  Was a very fun night and everyone was very chilled, casual and talented.  It was great exchanging ideas, contacts and coming out of the night with new friends.  I am looking forward to the next one.

Chris Apro was the one that organized this meet and David Lee Pereira is who I will be doing an exhibition with in less than 3 weeks.  EEEK!!!

House of Birds exhibition poster!

Howdy!  Here's the flyer that David Lee Pereira designed for our joint exhibition, "House of Birds"  the panic to get more stuff done and to get things framed and organized is escalating.  So much to do and so much more I want to do and not a whole lot of time either!  Eeeeeek!   I want to do another colour pencil piece and finish the other two pieces I drew up this week.

It's so hot!  I hope that on exhibition night, the weather is nice.  Fingers crossed!

Squishface Darwing night Feb 12

Squishface is going to be a venue for Melbourne Now on Feb 12.  We moved our drawing night from our normal first Wednesday of every month to Thursday next week to accommodate it!  Should be a good night and if you're in the area, come in and draw with us!

The picture of me was from Jan 26 when Squishface celebrated it's second year anniversary!  Huzzah!  I was drawing a bunny house on the long mural.