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Character designs for a book gig

Some illustrations that I've been working on for a book.  Am happy to say that all the characters in this picture has been approved by the client.  Hurrah!  I should make the deadline for this gig.  I also have two other books that am working on for a different publishing company too and the style different from this.  I had a couple of clients that I've been working on for ages contact me consecutively (one yesterday and one today) for two completely different jobs,  I tend to say yes (as much as I can) to clients who continuously hire me.  I find that being there for good clients, as much as possible, tends to pay off in the long run. Next week is going to be flat out busy.  I am already busy as it is but from next week things are just going to be absolutely crazy since my workload has increased.

Close up of new piece

This is a detail shot of my newest piece!  It's all framed up and ready for submission.  Going to submit next week.  This piece will be displayed and for sale at Kustom Lane Gallery on May 15 to June 6 for the "Expressions of Interest" exhibition.  I am looking forward to seeing all the pieces.  This is an exhibition that involves a big chunk of the professional animators in Melbourne. For other getting a bit hesitant putting the entire finished pieces online simply because there are a lot of art thieves out there.  I mean check this thief out.  It's quite terrible.  I can't afford not to be online since that's how I get a lot of work and getting my name out there but I too have had the "pleasure" of my work being stolen once (that I know of)  and am sure that it won't be the last either.  I can fight for it but unless it's a big name the small fries really aren't worth it.  Sigh...a bit tough.  I wish there were harsher

More coffee and work sketches

Hi!  Here I am working at a cafe again.  I actually did this a few days ago.  I've been working on a lot of other thing these last couple of days though.  There's just been so much to do!

More work in progress...

Hi!  This is actually a photo I took of me drawing from last week.  I actually finished  a new piece today along with a few other illustrations but am holding off on showing those...for now.This is for a book I am working on for a client.  Things are very busy at the moment but it's been great to just draw and slowly whittle away at projects.  Mind you I need to do it much faster as I have more than one project due on the same day.  Wheeee!  It never fails.  Projects may all come at different times but they will all be due on the same day.

Urban Sketching : Westgarth Theatre

Hi!  Went Urban Sketching today with Thomas Campi for the Home Cooked Comic Festival .  Was good fun and some of my friends where there and I met new people as well so it was a very good way to spend the morning.  Thomas was a lot of fun to talk to and trading art material knowledge is always handy...such as other uses for eyeliners and lipstick.  I am feeling a tad rusty with the whole Urban Sketching though and today was definitely not one of my best work but oh well! Watched Avengers yesterday and I enjoyed it.  It didn't have the same impact as the first one but I enjoyed it nonetheless and  I am looking forward to the next few movies. My Urban Sketching link is " Cities in Sketches ".


A piece I was working on today.  Exhibition is due next week!  More details closer to the date.....

Roughs over coffee 01

Working on one of my books at Melbourne Cetral today while waiting for a friend.  I got quite a bit done and have submitted a final and a draft for the client to look at tomorrow.  Then I started working on my exhibition piece that'd due next week.  Insanity!  Third day in and the to-do list is long...including building a proper website, sticking to a theme for an exhibition and an illustration style to promote myself, finishing all current illustration work before the end of next month and just a million other things....GAH!!!!!'s better than doing nothing!

Book Illustration: moon page

A close up and edited photo of one of the books am currently working on.  Can't say for who though! My second day in working and running around meeting people and it feels like I've never been on a holiday.  Don't really have a whole lot of time to write about it too which is unfortunate as I had a great time but I have to get work done!

52 Week Illustration Challenge: Week 14 Whimsy

Hi!  Here's a new drawing I've done for the 52 week Illustration Challenge.  Wheee!  This was actually a catch up as I didn't get a chance to submit last week.  I was in Japan for 3 weeks, hence the hiatus.  I arrived back yesterday and already it's all systems go trying to get stuff done!