Close up of new piece

This is a detail shot of my newest piece!  It's all framed up and ready for submission.  Going to submit next week.  This piece will be displayed and for sale at Kustom Lane Gallery on May 15 to June 6 for the "Expressions of Interest" exhibition.  I am looking forward to seeing all the pieces.  This is an exhibition that involves a big chunk of the professional animators in Melbourne.

For other getting a bit hesitant putting the entire finished pieces online simply because there are a lot of art thieves out there.  I mean check this thief out.  It's quite terrible.  I can't afford not to be online since that's how I get a lot of work and getting my name out there but I too have had the "pleasure" of my work being stolen once (that I know of)  and am sure that it won't be the last either.  I can fight for it but unless it's a big name the small fries really aren't worth it.  Sigh...a bit tough.  I wish there were harsher punishments for people who plagiarize and blatantly steal or take credit of the work by other people.


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