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Game 14 Round 04

Hallo! Hallo!  Happy Halloween to all you boys and girls out there!  Have a safe and fun celebration tonight for all the folks who celebrate it.  We don't particularly celebrate here in Australia but it's just a good excuse to don up a costume and gorge on candy. Not much happened today...mostly worked, I baked banana bread for breakfast and my partner and I will be going to a shindig tonight!

Game 14 Round 02

Game 14 Round 02.  All Halloween themed for the next few days because of this's gonna go a bit past Halloween but all good!  This was done with brush pens.  I need a new scan, my current one is a bit lousy with picking up subtle colours.  Need a proper photo scanner for the stuff I do. I sometimes wonder if I should talk about more days to day things rather than just a quick, am busy post.  This isn't a lie, since am always needing to do something.  Like today, I worked on my exhibition piece, went to training, did some animation footage, drew up a new kookyrabbit piece, put some stuff up through social media (like this blog) and am going to be going to an exhibition opening shortly.  Busy, busy, busy! 

Medieval Europe: Illustration gig!

Hi!  My third published book for this year!  Wheeeee!  The history book job I was working on earlier this year!  A fun job.  The line work was mostly done with ballpoint pen and fine liners and cleaned up in Photoshop. Much busy-ness again as usual!  I need to do some packing tonight and did some work, training, sorting out another gig for next week, some chores....busy, busy, busy!

Game 13 Round 09

Hallo!  This was my last piece for Game 14 on Kookyrabbit !  If you haven't had a look there lately, you should.  Quite a few more pieces have gone up since this was originally uploaded there.  Today was just work, drawing, running a few errands and now am going back to doing more work!  Yup....always a ton to do and never enough time to do it all.

Game 13 Round 07

Ah...this was a fun one for the Kookyrabbit site! It went a bit weird but good fun to do! Today...yeah, busy as always but achieved a lot.  I trained in the gym this morning, then I finished 3 shots of animation (12 seconds), primed a cut piece of wood for an exhibition due next week, brought some books to charity, met up with a friend, did some chores, chilled out a bit and now I think I will do some sketching before bed.  I have to put up a new kookyrabbit piece up tomorrow after all!

Game 13 Round 05

Hi!  Here's one of my fave pieces done for the Kookyrabbit game! Quite a bit of stuff to do as always!  So much stuff and not enough time....working as late as I can today.

Game 13 Round 03

Hallo, hallo!  Here's a nice little drawing from the last game on Kookyrabbit ! This did really well on my instagram account.  A nicely paced day of animating, relaxation and computer issues which am hoping is all resolved now.  If not, am probably in trouble.  Got a huge chunk of work to do tomorrow, so am hoping that there won't be any computer issues.

Game 13 Round 01

Howdy!  This is my first drawing for Game 13...the game that is finishing tonight!  Kookylane will be uploading the conclusion before midnight on the Kookyrabbit blog.  A busy day today with work and starting to pack stuff...moving house soon!  Slowly packing stuff between work and chores.  I got a few things packed away...though it doesn't seem I've even made a dent yet...just a whole lot of mess!

Happy Birthday Lil Sis!

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Bian!  A lil drawing to celebrate her birthday!  We went to a shooting range during our family holiday and she was pretty good! Super talented, she organized our trip, very funny,  is a leader and total bad ass.   See you soon, lil sister!

Happy Birthday Dad! 2015

This one is for my dad...Happy Birthday!!!  We just came back from Japan recently so there's a lot of Japanese influence in this piece.  It has an interpretation of a cane my dad bought in Japan too.  it was a great trip, it involved my family and our partners. Hope you had a great day today, dad!  Much love and see you soon!

Urban Sketching: Ambassador Hotel, Boracay 02

Howdy!  Another drawing from my time at the beach in Boracay in the Philippines!  I drew this in between beach swims.  I enjoyed my time in Boracay.  Today was not as busy as I thought it would be.  Awaiting client feedback and set ups before I can start.  Unfortunately when there are long delays...just means I won't have as much time to smash it out. Think I might chill out tonight!  Relish the break.

Urban Sketching: Ambassador Hotel, Boracay

Hallo!  How goes it?  It was a nice relaxing weekend but it felt very short.  I start gym and more work tomorrow!  Need to make a new drawing for Kookyrabbit too.  This is a drawing from the hotel window in Boracay, Philippines.  It was so humid there that sometimes the most relaxing thing to do is just stay in a room with an air conditioner.  I did like the place we stayed at in Boracay though! Well, time to draw and relax a bit more and prepare stuff for tomorrow morning!

Game 12 Round 10

Hallo!  Last piece for Game 12!  Check out the Kookyrabbit site for the latest game and the pieces in it.  This particular piece was the most popular on social media out of the five I did for Game 12.   Inked traditionally and then colour changed and cleaned up in Photoshop. I would love to do more detailed and all out pieces but alas, I am pressed for time.  I keep thinking of more new projects I would like to do and new series of work but I just haven't been able to sit down and knot out which direction I would like to go in. The next week is looking extremely busy again work-wise.  Always good..and I do like work!  Especially when projects are full of variety!

Game 12 Round 08

Photoshopped version Original Version Hallo!  Another one for the Kookyrabbit game.  Am going to just keep uploading these since I don't have a whole lot to upload right now.   The original version looks pretty different to the final version I uploaded on Tumblr.  I didn't really liked how the original looked so I photoshopped the heck out of it! I get to rest tonight!  All jobs completed for this week! 

Game 12 Round 06

Another one from the kookyrabbit game.  I was surprise with this a sense that I really like it but it wasn't very popular on social media.  Never know how people will react to pieces. A very busy day again today and it's not over yet...not by a long shot..... so much stuff to do!  The holiday feels like a distant memory now even though it's only been 4 days. 

Game 12 Round 04

Hallo, hallo!  Another one from Game 12 for the Kookyrabbit game!  This was a fun one using brush pens.  Am hoping to have time to sketch for the new one that I need to upload tomorrow.   I just need to finish a bit more work before I can.  I really did hit the ground running with work and am pretty happy about that.  I am getting back into the groove and getting faster as the last 3 days have gone by.  I am also feeling a lot less ill and more like myself again.  So...yay!  Got to get tons more done though!  Much insanity.....

Game 12 Round 02

Hi!  So this was from the last game that was played on Kookyrabbit before I left for a holiday.  It starts again tomorrow and I am drawing something for it! The holiday was awesome.  Traveled with my family, my sister's boyfriend and mine.  There were some trying times but all in all, I really enjoyed the holiday.  First time traveling with a partner too and I truly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.    Saw my extended family too, 14 years was the last time I saw most of them.  Always good to catch up.  Saw a lot and enjoyed a lot... but it's always good to come home to Melbourne.  It is home for me. In other news, I got sick (along with my boyfriend) on the last day of our holiday and am still recovering till now.  I also started work pretty much immediately...which is great since I spent a lot of money on the holiday!  Taxes and stuff won't pay themselves, after all!