Game 12 Round 02

Hi!  So this was from the last game that was played on Kookyrabbit before I left for a holiday.  It starts again tomorrow and I am drawing something for it!

The holiday was awesome.  Traveled with my family, my sister's boyfriend and mine.  There were some trying times but all in all, I really enjoyed the holiday.  First time traveling with a partner too and I truly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.    Saw my extended family too, 14 years was the last time I saw most of them.  Always good to catch up.  Saw a lot and enjoyed a lot... but it's always good to come home to Melbourne.  It is home for me.

In other news, I got sick (along with my boyfriend) on the last day of our holiday and am still recovering till now.  I also started work pretty much immediately...which is great since I spent a lot of money on the holiday!  Taxes and stuff won't pay themselves, after all!


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