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Knick knacks

Hi!  Sorry, I couldn't post yesterday.  Was too busy doing a detailed drawing, which I still have to finish tonight!  Time just goes too fast!  I've had to stop my #adventcalendarsketches for the moment.  Just finishing everything off before work ends! Stuff has been happening to the family dog too and it worries me quite a bit.  I hope it will all turn out good,  That would be a very nice Christmas present indeed.  Speaking of Christmas presents, I think am finally done and just need to wrap it all up!  The budget is blown out and have to be a lot better next year with cash....especially with a trip coming up too.  Oh well!  Next year will be a better year and I hit some goals this year anyway! The knick knacks on top...the bunny was given to me by my sister from japan.  The owl, I bought at a market and the lucky cat was a small present from mom! Next year is looking super busy already and it's not even Christmas yet!  I am looking forward to it.   

Chocolate Study: Wispa

Ah...another old drawing.  I really will need to do a bulk post before the year is out....feels wrong posting 2016 drawings in 2017.  I like the idea of having a fresh start on New Years, I guess! Today was work, chores and going through the last bits of Christmas gifting. I only have a few more pressies to go.  Budget was through the roof this year, I have to admit.  Oh well. Can't take cash with you when you die!  It has been a pretty expensive month with car expenses too! Mmm...anyhoo, got to get ready for work tomorrow!

Product Study: Up & Go

What I've been drinking every morning at work.  I have to stop though since I want to lower my sugar intake (again) after the holidays.  This has loads of sugar.  I love it and it does keep me full till lunchtime without need to snack in-between.  Alas!  I rather not get diabetes for Christmas next year. People have been chatting about how their year went, on facebook and just in general.  I did all right this year.  Accomplished a lot of drawings, had a skill jump, gained more social media followers, I got a full-time job animating (at the moment :P ) and am hoping I get to freelance here and there.  Fingers crossed! That area got slow towards Christmas, so am glad I've managed to land on my feet.  We shall see what next year brings! I need to ramp up my social media game for next year and attempt to be fit again.  I don't have the same drive for working out (without a trainer) as I do for drawing. For other news...I am totally into succulents now!  I am trying to

Chocolate Study: Limited edition Mars and Snickers

Lots of drawings archived away and ready for blogging.  I've been drawing tons, trying to finish an old drawing book from 2014.  I am determined to start a new sketchbook in 2017!  Funny, cos I have quite a few sketchbooks that need to be finished but I can't help but start a new one depending on the paper, size, etc.  I am a bit silly but am determined to finish this one sketchbook anyway. Got a lot done at work, went out and enjoyed some good Japanese food, Rob and I found a decent one that is near his work!  Paid all bills and now time to do some drawing and packing for tomorrow.  Staying overnight at a friends tomorrow night and there is a lot of drawing to be done!  Looking forward to it. The drawing above was done last month.  They were both eaten by Rob.  I don't eat a lot of chocolate bars nowadays. Yup, definitely have a huge backlog of stuff I can post on the blog.  Now the question I put up all that didn't go up during 2016 or immediately go

Lucky Kitty

A Lucky kitty I drew....a month ago.  Insane. Where is the time going? Is it just me or did this year just fly past?  I have a huge collection of Lucky Cats.  I need to do a month where I just draw all of them.  See how many I've accumulated over the years or what were gifted to me.  I don't know what it is about them but I do love the look of lucky cats!  Am still collecting... Did a lot of work, drawings and chores today.  A very, very full day indeed.  Feeling good about it.  I want to smash out 2 scenes at work tomorrow if I can.  Yup...but work has bee getting a bit distracting with meetings and stuff. Monday was a write off with meetings and party, so that was good but not great for productivity.  Need to get stuff done! I have slowed down though, productivity-wise.  Tends to happen during the Christmas Season. Not much else...cos it's bed time!!!

Chocolate Study: Picnic

Ah dear...I have a lot of drawings to post but my blogging time has been a tad erratic.  Have a few things on my plate, that's for sure!  I still haven't put up anything new on my Redbubble store...not since my last submission.  Ah much to do as always.  I can't produce stuff and edit at the same time and right now am doing advent calendar sketches and trying to finish off one of my sketchbooks.  One that I started 2 years ago.  I am hoping to just finished one of the ones I've started this year :P!  Terrible.  So many sketchbooks on the go. Tomorrow is about work and getting a few drawings done.  I didn't get to do my advent sketch today or any drawings on my list, for that matter.  Oh well....

52 week illustration: Light

Hallo, hallo!  How goes it?  This was my last entry to 52 week illustration.  I got so busy with stuff! I haven't been able to keep up with Kookyrabbit either and need to do that asap next year...if not earlier. So...lots of Christmas shopping done for family and friends and catch ups done this weekend along with working and drawing!  I have a pet portrait I need to re-do.  Didn't quite get there and it needs to be done right. Tomorrow is a work day!  Got stuff that needs doing!

Zebra Fish

Hi!  How goes it?  Here are some fish I did for 52 Wk illustration for the theme Zebra.  I haven't been able to draw the last couple of themes, even though I have some pretty good ideas.  There's just not enough time in the day. I also had a terrible migraine yesterday which was a bit of a bummer.  I worked through it at work and I ended up sleeping pretty much as soon as I got home.  Sleep is the best way to recover most things, I think.  I am a lot better now. I haven't been able to update my Redbubble store...gah!  I really need some time to do that! Christmas is coming really quick!  At least I got my best one up but it would be great to get more of my Inktober pieces up! By the way, can you spot the bunny?

Game 48 Round 04: Leaping

Hallo!!  Well, it's been a busy few days with social events and some shopping and work.  Christmas is upon us and I need to shop for Christmas presents soon!  I am getting worried!  For several reasons, time and what to get people and will they like it!?!?!? Anyway, I need to draw my advent day drawing!  Hopefully Kookyrabbit tomorrow! I went to a wedding yesterday and that was a lot of fun.  I am still not keen on having one myself but it's always good to see others enjoying themselves and I was happy to participate and share the day as a guest.  Dinner was with the family last Friday too and it's always great to catch up!  

Game 48 Round 02: Wildeface

Hi!  Face drawing I did a few days ago.  I used copics and did it for Kookyrabbit ! Kookyrabbit is going to be erratic for this month since I have too many projects I am trying to do and finish before Christmas! Drawing a day for #adventcalendarsketch2016 and work of course!  There are also a lot of events happening!  I have two tomorrow and another one on Saturday! Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great weekend!  I don't think I will be able to post again till Sunday!