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Year of the Dog 2018

Hi! I finished this piece last weekend for Chinese New Year but I just didn't get the chance to write a job keeps me very busy. Being an Animation Team Lead is very hectic.  I try to make sure that everyone has what they need, checking shots, finding missing assets, juggling different personalitues and needs, on top of helping out with animation fixes and deliveries.  My responsibilities have increased exponentially since taking the lead position.  It comed with a new set of rewards, challenges and new skill set developments which I would have not gained if I just stayed as an animator. My life would have been a lot easier though but I don't regret it. Other than work, am trying to sort out my folio for online presentation and do more drawings when I can!

Package Design Study: Smarties...and day to day stuff.

Smarties package design study I drew this package design last year.  I picked it because it was colorful and detailed.  My favourite combination. Drawn with a variety of pens.'s only Tuesday and am already getting snowballed with work at the studio. I miss one day of checking, since I was helping do some re-take animations, and I have over 30 shots to check as soon as I can tomorrow.  It's great because footage is getting done but I need to stay on top of it.  I feel like am giving myself a pep talk as I write this.  Tomorrow, I have a production meeting, checking footage and doing re-takes.  Going to be a busy day...time is flying because it's all so crazy.  It still feels under control though, which is a good thing. I managed to draw another face but I haven't really been able to promote my work as much on social media.  I will try to get onto that tomorrow! I still need to sort out my folio too.  Gah!  So much to do!  I need to update my folios in

"The Flow" and life update

The Flow The Flow contrast graphic tank top from my Redbubble Shop Hi!  It's been a while again...sometimes I just don't feel like being on the computer after working, I guess.  Things have been busy...I know I sound like a broken record and I've been busy since I've been blogging, but it's true.  I have mentioned that I am currently the team lead. I have a team of about 14 people and last Wednesday was my first episodic delivery.  My goodness, that was hectic. Many more to come though, least till the end of the year. What did I learn on my first delivery?  Well, I can't animate and check and strategize on finishing an episode all at the same time and it does take some amount of strategy and time management.  I am a little distressed not being able to animate as much or at all at this rate.  However, animating is not my main job as an animation team lead it would seem.  I need to keep on top of checking footage and doing fix-ups, when I can, and tr