Package Design Study: Smarties...and day to day stuff.

Smarties package design study

I drew this package design last year.  I picked it because it was colorful and detailed.  My favourite combination. Drawn with a variety of pens.'s only Tuesday and am already getting snowballed with work at the studio. I miss one day of checking, since I was helping do some re-take animations, and I have over 30 shots to check as soon as I can tomorrow.  It's great because footage is getting done but I need to stay on top of it.  I feel like am giving myself a pep talk as I write this.  Tomorrow, I have a production meeting, checking footage and doing re-takes.  Going to be a busy day...time is flying because it's all so crazy.  It still feels under control though, which is a good thing.

I managed to draw another face but I haven't really been able to promote my work as much on social media.  I will try to get onto that tomorrow!

I still need to sort out my folio too.  Gah!  So much to do!  I need to update my folios in pretty much all my folio pages.  So much to do as always!


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