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Inktober 2020, a poor attempt

 Hi all!  How is everyone doing?  We're still in lockdown here in Melbourne.  There was suppose to be some announcements today to ease out more restrictions, but alas, it has been delayed.   Now, normally October is a big drawing month where artists draw in ink for Inktober.  Now due to some controversies with using the words "inktober" which is now copyright, that happened late last year/ earlier this year, a lot of artists explored various other themes like "plantober", "faunatober", "drawtober",  "goretober", just to name a few.  I was going for "skulltober" myself since I still feel like drawing skulls but due to a heavy freelance workload earlier this month, I had to start the drawing project really late and there's no way I will catch up now.  However, here are a few that I did manage to draw and paint this month.  I still hope to have a few more drawn up before the end of the month and I think I will spend Novem

Sketchbook Project: Maneki Neko (lucky cat) Collection

  Maneki Neko Collection from Marta Tesoro on Vimeo . Tada!  I finished my Maneki Neko sketchbook on Sept 11!  I am really please with the results and I managed to draw all my ceramic lucky cats!  I still have a few cloth ones, clothes and battery operated ones that haven't been drawn, but hey, I am hoping to create a book out of it so I can add those in as extras along with any new lucky cat I may buy! Here are some work in progress shots and pages! Myself and Hanzo drawing together These cats were gifted to me at different times but they're pretty much the same family! Hanzo trying to help. My favourite page from my book and I love that music box I bought from Hokkaido I really enjoyed drawing in the book and it was so good to do a themed project consistently.   I've had a lot of work stuff on my plate as soon as I finished drawing the Maneki Neko sketchbook.  My contract ended at Moshi officially on Sept 16 but ended up picking up a commercial project the next day wi