Inktober 2020, a poor attempt

 Hi all!  How is everyone doing?  We're still in lockdown here in Melbourne.  There was suppose to be some announcements today to ease out more restrictions, but alas, it has been delayed.  

Now, normally October is a big drawing month where artists draw in ink for Inktober.  Now due to some controversies with using the words "inktober" which is now copyright, that happened late last year/ earlier this year, a lot of artists explored various other themes like "plantober", "faunatober", "drawtober",  "goretober", just to name a few.  I was going for "skulltober" myself since I still feel like drawing skulls but due to a heavy freelance workload earlier this month, I had to start the drawing project really late and there's no way I will catch up now.  However, here are a few that I did manage to draw and paint this month.

 I still hope to have a few more drawn up before the end of the month and I think I will spend November, painting and colouring what I have finished.  Perhaps, I will attempt "Huevember" where you're only suppose to colour with one dominant shade, though some of the colours aren't really my thing but that is the challenge.  I found one that was specifically colouring with one copic marker shade, so perhaps I will do that. Will see what happens.

I've also started painting with inks, bit of fun, I will be aiming to use that and watercolours next month, should be fun!  Now, other than personal projects, I am currently working on a book illustration job.  I just finished some character illustrations and a commercial job last week, so I have been busy.  Haven't exactly taken that break yet, as planned, but hey, money is always good and the projects are fun.

Am about to go and finish inking a real complicated skull, hoping to finish it this evening!


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