Hello Hello!

Spent the entire week doing some animations for Zactoons which was awesome! A real fun job to do! Dont think I can post any images up yet till they've been released, so I wont :)

I start work at Ettamogah come Monday and that's a full-time gig for 3 months! Yay! I also have lots of work to do after-hours, both personal and paid. It's going to be hectic! Not much news yet to tell though. The 15/15 Film Festival Gala night is next Saturday, I turn 27 in a bit more than a week and just waiting to see what else pops up in the horizon.

The collaboration Astri and I have been doing at Redbubble has temporarily come to a halt. too much work to do...but this is the last piece (above) so far in the collaboration. I made it!