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blah blah blah!

Hi I am sick-ish again with a cough and cold. Yay. Not. I am also getting really sick working from home day in and day out and not seeing anyone. I can't go out much because I do have TONS of work to do. Not something you hear everyday from a freelance animator but I am loaded with work! Very fortunate and I am very thankful. But I feel like a bloody hermit! Yes, I get to wake up late (9 am) and work in my pyjamas till I finish a shot/scene then take a shower then try and finish more work till rock climbing, dinner or gym in the evenings. I miss working in a studio and the banter between workmates and going out to lunch. I really miss it. Looking forward to working at Ettamogah in July. The main thing I think I will dislike about it, is the travel time. Ugh. And the getting up early...just not used to it anymore...ah well. Must take the good with the bad. Now, my rock climbing has improved yet again. Yay! I can now do rock overs. Woo hoo! Still need a bit of work


Howdy boys and girls.... Anyhooo ....I am swamped with gigs. That's right...I am loaded with work from people I have worked with in the past: Zactoons , Wizzmedia and Renmotion . It's pretty damn good I must say and am having a bit of fun with all 3 gigs. I want cash cos I would like to buy my own home this year. I would have been able to buy one before but I loaned someone a lot of money and looks like he wont be able to pay me back. It will be a very pleasant surprise if he does. Anyway, losing that cash has put me about a year and a half to 2 years behind in savings. That's a lot of time that I am trying to catch up on. Incidentally I am still going to buy a rocking laptop and go travelling somewhere at some point and I still would like to eat out and go rock climbing, gym and the occasional spending spree :D Hurrah! So....I need to do lots of work.....and I want more work :D I am insane and a workaholic. I feel old. I am 27 now and turning 28 in May and fee

Friends, Work and Rock Climbing

Hello, Things have been good. I am now more or less fully recovered from being ill. God, I felt like I wiped out an entire forest from blowing my noise with every tissue and toilet roll paper I could get my hands on. I am still working for Wizzmedia and Zactoons have hired me to do 8 animations (last due date in June) and I am also doing some work for Renmotion (unknown quantity and time). Should be good going to be so overloaded come next week but I like work and I love animation so bring it on! Also, Thomas and I are also discussing battle plans for our own projects that will be running on top of all my other commitments so it should be awesome! And am not being sarcastic either, having lots of things to do and they look pretty is awesome. Show reel pieces and MONEY!!!!!! Money which will ultimately pay for my laptop (which I have yet to purchase) and possibly travelling! If I do travel, doesn't look like it will happen till July which will be before Ettamog

Am sick....and other stuff

Howdy, Long time no write! Things have been a bit busy...I had a lot of Zactoon , Renmotion and am still working on Wizzmedia stuff. Much to do still. I may possbily be doing more work for Zactoons as well so that would be pretty cool... The Illustration above is for Unit-16 , it was my turn this week :) I'm happy that I had more time to work on this. My last illustration was so rushed, probably did it in less than half an hour and in unfortunately looked like it too. I am a bit sick at the moment. I have been working really hard for a very long time without any vacations and it has finally taken it's toll. I've been trying to save up for a house but someone borrowed a substantial amount of money from me and it looks like he wont be able to give it back so he has well and truly thrown a spanner in my plans. Unfortunate, but it's a mistake I am no longer going to make. Still, looks like the house is going to have to wait. I need a vacation. I am thinking N