Am sick....and other stuff


Long time no write! Things have been a bit busy...I had a lot of Zactoon, Renmotion and am still working on Wizzmedia stuff. Much to do still. I may possbily be doing more work for Zactoons as well so that would be pretty cool...

The Illustration above is for Unit-16, it was my turn this week :) I'm happy that I had more time to work on this. My last illustration was so rushed, probably did it in less than half an hour and in unfortunately looked like it too.

I am a bit sick at the moment. I have been working really hard for a very long time without any vacations and it has finally taken it's toll. I've been trying to save up for a house but someone borrowed a substantial amount of money from me and it looks like he wont be able to give it back so he has well and truly thrown a spanner in my plans. Unfortunate, but it's a mistake I am no longer going to make. Still, looks like the house is going to have to wait. I need a vacation. I am thinking New Zealand right after I finish all current jobs and right before the full-time gig starts in July.

My climbing isn't so great at the moment, I think stress is really getting to me....trying to find ways to chill out and be happy. Which is kind of hard when am all snot-filled and dizzy..bah. Am not on a very good mood. I think am going to sleep a bit more.


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