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My Birthday and what's been happening so far...


It was my birthday last Thursday and I've been a bit busy and preoccupied to write these last few days.


I spent my birthday working in the morning trying to finish off an episode of Cabbies which was due on Monday, visiting Justin in the afternoon (a day after his surgery) and spent the evening with Thomas having dinner and playing the Wii which I got from him and Danny. I am hooked on Raving Rabbids! Love that game though some of the activities really frustrate me :) It's definitely a workout for the forearms I must say! The game is so addictive! I just want to finish all my work and spend a whole day just playing it!


Spent the morning and afternoon finishing a Cabbie episode, submitted that then played Wii all the way till dinner! Dinner was at De Los Santos! I had a great time! All of my nearest and dearest friends where there and people that I liked, it made me extremely happy. I also had a great birthday cake! Thank you very much Sandra for organizing everything. The food wasn't spectacular in my opinion but certainly acceptable and the company more than made up for it. The churros was pretty damn nice though!

I got some lovely presents too! A great climbing top from the climbers (thank you Justin, Yan, Steve, Weichen and Mindy!) and an awesome singlet from Astri which has the Rabbit Town logo and chocolates! I got a bottle of chocolate-like sprinkles in a bottle from Sandra which I can literally drink from. Dangerous stuff!

It's funny, my friends are the closest thing to me at the moment. Since things have taken a turn for the worse with my dad, I haven't spoken to him in a very long time. I barely see my mom and I haven't seen my sister since Christmas. People who live here and have family overseas and interstate probably see their family a lot more than I do and mine only live about an hour or so away. It's sad and scary but I don't trust to get too close to my family at the moment, they have a habit of dragging me down along with their problems and I can't help them anymore. They have to get out of the situation they put themselves into on their own. I've been helping for a very long time and at the end of the day, I wasn't really helping. I was just delaying the inevitable and when I realized that, it really hurt me. It felt like I just wasted all this time and effort for nothing.


I SHOPPED! A new digital camera, a terrabyte external hard drive and a new jacket! Justin thinks my new jacket looks like something a bogan would wear but I like it! I think it's cute! I was with Thomas while we were shopping, he bought a lot of clothes! He was lucky, everything I liked just didn't fit me!

Thomas and I also went to Acrobatics! Push-ups with dumbells, heavy duty core work and stretches! It felt awesome!

I can't wait to be more active once all my Zactoon animations are done! I'll only have Wizzmedia work then but the deadlines are not as quick as Zactoons.

SUNDAY JUNE 01 and so far....

Just a lot of work boys and girls, doing my best to finish Blood Red and my last Cabbie episode. Good thing this is the last lap, I've been more than a little overworked than normal. It's not so much the jobs, I've taken a lot more jobs in one go and much more difficult. I think the lack of sleep, emotional traumas from family and sometimes friends and having no vacation since 2004 could wear anyone down. The longest break I had with no work was 2 weeks in the last 4 something years.

I want to escape so badly sometimes. Just forget everything. Go off somewhere new and start afresh. Be more independent. I need to be able to enjoy my own company more and just to rely on myself. Relying on other people leaves room to be disappointed by them when expectations aren't met, even when it's not really their fault. I am lonely a lot of the times. I seek out other people, friends and all but not everyone has time and I understand that.

Heh, am just feeling a bit bogged down and there are some things that are just truly frustrating me which I feel like I can't talk to anyone about. I'm trying to figure out things on my own....and it's doing my head in a bit but there are still lots of things to be happy and thankful about! This will all past and I'll feel a bit better when I finish my work and can finally chill out a bit.

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