IF: Deja-vu

Hi all!

Here's my submission to Illustration Friday's theme: Deja vu.  This was not how I thought the drawing would end up being....I actually had a girl in a cafe originally and have somehow ended up with a scientific dude going through the lab inventory.  Go figure.  I like how this has turned out though!  This was all done in Flash.  I have also discovered that Flash CS4 does not like too much shading but Flash CS3 handles it very well.

Things have been going well.  I am still working on creating backgrounds and props for a 10 x 1 minute TV series and doing illustrations for a University for their online tests.  A lot of fun.  I am also going back to kick boxing training soon and have started rock climbing again.  Yay for activities!

So much plans for this year.  Thinking of doing an exhibition and displaying nothing but hand painted non-digital works....going to be interesting since I've gotten so used to doing a combination of both.  Least I have a theme in mind now!