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We discovered a bug in Maya at school today.  It is a doozy.

bunny cupcake

I have sweets on the brain.  No doubt about it..... Birthday was a lot of fun yesterday and I'm pretty much recovered from being sick!  YAY!  I'll be raring to go in full force shortly I think!


Howdy.  Well today is my birthday and I would like to thank all the friends and family that greeted me.  Birthdays as we grow older seems to lose a bit of it's shine.  I had to spend quite a bit of today doing work stuff and healing up from being sick but I think I will go out and treat myself shortly to some new things and the company of friends.  It's nice to be remembered by people

Eclair Dog

I think I have eclairs on the brain.  Maybe I should get one tomorrow seeing it's my birthday?  A little treat perhaps?  We shall see.  I am still a bit sick but am recovering.  I've had a lot of bed rest today and especially yesterday.  Much needed I think.  I've been running on 5 hours a sleep most nights since March and it was bound to catch up on me. Anyhoo, I've been a bit slow with work because I was sick and I am pretty lucky to have some very understanding clients.  Hopefully I am fully recovered tomorrow....or at least functional.


Am sick at the moment.  The freezing weather in Melbourne the last few days and my running myself to the gound has caught up with me.  Been sleeping for most of the day and am still tired.  Need to sleep again soon.

WIP Sugar Zine

THE BLACK AND WHITE VERSION THE COLOURED VERSION This  is a page taken out off another comic/zine am working on ( I have 3 on the go) and originally I was going to pump this out in black and white and try to get it to a zine fair next week but after seeing my family yesterday the consensus seems to be that it would look more awesome if I coloured it.  The point being is that food always looks good in colour and this is true.  That said, printing is going to cost more though...sigh.  Perhaps I should do a limited print run only.  I did seven pages in BW yesterday (including this one) and I've realized I have a lot of things to draw.  The zine is going to be all about the sugary goodness that I loved to eat before I started training, doing a proper food diary and watching what I eat.  Most of the time anyway.

Work in Progress 3D Character Model_02

Howdy all!  Well, this is where I am at with my character model thus far.  Getting there, still need to add in some hair, teeth, general clean up and texturing.  Gah!  Still so much stuff to do.  I think the vertices are making me go blind.  I find myself really staring at the computer trying to move point by point just to model this guy.  Am pretty pleased with how it is going though and am way under the polygon count.  Hurrah!  So time, so time consuming!  Got to actually spend a good chunk of the weekend practicing and and refining this model in Maya.  Busy few days ahead.  Then again....what else is new, right?

Work In Progress 3D Character Model

Hello, hello!  This is the character Model am working on for school.  It's coming along but still a bit to go and these are the renders unsmoothened.  Easier to see what's going wrong when it's not on smooth.  Animating and rigging this baby is going to be difficult.  Tomorrow is all about making the hat and hair.  Wheeeee!

Cat Concept Art

Some concept art of a cat I did for another project last month.  I don't have time to draw anything for the blog today unfortunately.  I have a lot to do...we've started modelling heads/faces in Maya at school today.  Pretty cool but it's going to be a lot of hard work over the next few days while juggling other things.  Wheee!   For other news....I just came up with another zine idea, the local cafe wants me to do an exhibition at their joint and trying to organize another event at Squishface.   later this year.  It's all madness I tell you!  I still need to keep working as well to keep me in the green.. I think am orange at the moment.  This whole support yourself while in school is hard work!

Fashion Bunny Concept Art 02

Another concept art for the bunny.  Very different from the design I came up with a few days ago. This one is pretty cute! I've been pretty busy lately with freelance work, schoolwork and training.  Not to mention all the events and shindigs that have been happening recently.  It's getting pretty difficult to keep up.  There has also been a few exhibition spaces coming up and am very tempted to go for it.  Though I don't know if I should risk doing an exhibition this year as I have no idea how my time (or finances) will be to handle that.  Oh, if only I could see into the future!  What an awesome super power that would be....along would telekenisis.  Life as a freelancer I think would be so much easier if this was the case!

Sleepy Penguins

Mmmm....I want to sleep...still have a few more things to do though.   There's always a lot to do and more things keep coming up.  It makes me happy though, keeping busy.  Debating whether or not to sleep early and get up early....hmmmmm.... I've been listening to Master Chef while working and it just makes me want to go out there and buy cake!  Very bad.  Very bad indeed.  Training was pretty brutal today.  I am a lot stronger than what I was but I could afford to be better though!

Fashion Bunny Concept Art01

Hello!  This drawing is my first concept art sketch for a painting am going to make for a friend.  Trying to lock down the main character first and then worry about BGs and all that jazz. Been a busy few days with 3D school work, freelance, a couple of parties and training.  Time feels both slow and fast simultaneously.  I squeeze in so much in a day that they're all starting to melt into each other.  Am a bit shocked that it's already Monday tomorrow.  Anyway, sleeping tonight at least.  Need a re-charge.

Quick Character Designs for school

Howdy!  Some quick character designs I did at school before locking on the one in the middle (with some colour changes).  Not much time to draw anything new today.  Spent most of the day running errands and re-decorating my wall in the studio.  It's been a long time coming, the re-decorating side of things at the studio.  I've decided to move all the fish out onto cafes.  Hoping to find more cafes soon to display and sell in.  So much to do!  Got to pound out the freelance tomorrow and possibly some pose design for school and some 3D homework in the evening.  Maybe.  Got to tidy up the house too.....gah!!!

Bunny Trio

A quick doodle I did at the gym before training yesterday.  Got quite a bit on today!  

Old concept art

For a gig am working on.  This is one of the old concept art done for it.  Will talk more about it at a later date when the project is released. Not a lot of time to write tonight.  Trying to get a few things done by the morning! Busy, busy, busy!

WIP Character Modelling

Howdy!  This is a screen shot of me modelling one of my designs in Maya for this assessment.  That said, the main assessment is going to be a test though.  Scary stuff.  Anyhoo, no time to draw tonight got to keep cracking on it.  This character isn't going to model itself.


A quick sketch today.  No post whatsoever.

Brain Disintegrate

My brain is seriously disintegrating.  A lot of stuff to do and think about.  It's all go, go, go on my end!

Happy Mothers Day!

Howdy boys and girls!  A special greeting to all the Mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!  Especially to my own mum!  Hope you had a great time! I have not been able to write anything as of late.  I've been flat out with school, work, training and maintaining a social life.  My personal work (comic and painting) have taken the backseat for the moment.  Am trying to find a way to put those back in but am struggling.  We're now rigging and skinning models at 3D school and it is bloody hard.  It's putting me in a bit of pressure since I also have a bit of a workload outside of school too.  The insanity is mounting!  Am still having a good time though and that's what counts. 

Kitty Dimsims

Hello, another cute food kitty one.  Have to be quick today, a lot to do!

IF: Hitched

My piece for Illustration Friday.  Busy day today so can't talk much!

Dumpling Kittens

Todays' drawing has been inspired by a couple of friends that i hung out with a few days ago.  It was a lot of fun drawing this.  I'm actually working on another variation as well. Sooooo.....I am wrecked.  Seriously wrecked.  Today at 3D school was our first bout with Character Modelling which a serious mind boggler.  I feel like am going blind with staring at all the vertexes and polygons.  Tomorrow's exercise is even harder I hear.  Argh!  Mental numbness!  I will beat Maya though, just wait and see. Then I went to training, after spending some downtime at the cafe near the gym illustrating, and got totally smashed there.  What a session.  It's great getting fitter but Justin has started upping the ante.  I'm going to be an absolute machine by the end of the year it would seem. Weekend is dedicated to a ton to do.  I haven't been able to paint in weeks!!!  Got to find the time somehow.  I just want more time in the day!

design variations

Howdy!  Some quick design variations based on the character I will be modelling later.  Will be a while yet though as we all need to learn the basic of character modelling before we model our own.  I actually quite like the middle one so I may use him for something else. Can't chat much, a lot to do work-wise! 

Tired Ragdoll

Today was a very busy day.  Not unlike most days but it was good to accomplish quite a few things.  Got approvals for two of the projects I was working on today, went to my first RPM class since last year and catching up with friends.  Tired but happy.  Am hoping to sleep well tonight.

Character Turn-around for 3D modelling

Hello, hello!  Here is the character I will be modelling in 3D for the next assessment. I decided to make his turnaround for class later this week.  I've decided to call him Blood Maus.  A teenage mercenary.  He actually first appeared in this post some time last year.  I showed him and a few other designs to my teacher on who to model and he won out.  Hoping to have a lot more concept art and poses for him over the next few days. Got tons of stuff to do, trying to juggle them all is fun but also freaky.

Thinking bunny

I make most of my battle plans/ course of actions, decisions, while lying down in bed.  Most of the time it will be right before I sleep.  I plan out what I intend to do the next day and the order in which am going to do them in case I can't get it all done.  Plans tend to change once in a whole of course but for the most part, I tend to accomplish what I set out to do.

3D practice: Grenade

Hello, something I did quickly in class the other day as an exercise.  We needed to keep the polygon count low...that is starting to get me down I would say.  I really want to do something with countless amount of polygons and to model something as detailed as I would like.  Anyway I had to keep this model under 300 Tris.  Am getting faster with the whole modelling business which is great!  This was done with a time limit as well.

IF: Jump

Howdy! My entry to Illustration Friday : theme Jump.  I left this one to the last minute am afraid.  Been so busy over the last few days.  My 3D submission was due this week and I passed it with flying colours.  Very happy with that and I've been freelancing and training as well.  Catching up with people too as much as I can. The upcoming weekend is busy with freelance, cosplay and personal work.  I need to work on my fish bone comic.  I haven't touched it in weeks!!!

Brain Melt...version02

Hello, hello!  Well, my project was submitted early and I was told I did very well on it by the teacher so I am very pleased indeed.  It's nice when hard work pays off.  Character designs and modelling is up next.  Very excited!  New challenges await! It has been a long week with freelance work on top of school stuff and I need to do a lot more over the weekend as well though I hope to have time to draw my own stuff come Sunday at least.  I haven't done any of that for ages!  My poor neglected fish bone comic..... For other news, there was a surplus of oreos at the studio the other night and I did not have one. Feels like am in an alternate universe.  Feeling tempted to eat junkfood?  I texted my personal trainer Justin about the oreo situation at the studio...he then stated that he would up the ante if I had one.  It's a great temptation block.

3D Model Bathroom assessment ALL DONE!!!!!!!

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SECOND ASSESSMENT FOR 3D SCHOOL!!!!  A full 24 hours before submission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now am going to concentrate on freelance work, maybe some practice in Maya in class tomorrow.  Holy Crud.....I am sleeping on Friday.  Am going to go home and just shut down and re-charge.

Brain Fry

This is my brain.  No brain feels so fried right now.  I've been going pretty hard since the morning.  I am pleased though!  My second major assessment is looking really good for submission on Thursday.  Been working on some freelance work too and that is also looking pretty sweet.  Man...I am making some serious efforts not to just drop the ball but to slam dunk it!  Break time tonight!!!  Going to see Avengers with friends and am pretty excited!