Dumpling Kittens

Todays' drawing has been inspired by a couple of friends that i hung out with a few days ago.  It was a lot of fun drawing this.  I'm actually working on another variation as well.

Sooooo.....I am wrecked.  Seriously wrecked.  Today at 3D school was our first bout with Character Modelling which a serious mind boggler.  I feel like am going blind with staring at all the vertexes and polygons.  Tomorrow's exercise is even harder I hear.  Argh!  Mental numbness!  I will beat Maya though, just wait and see.

Then I went to training, after spending some downtime at the cafe near the gym illustrating, and got totally smashed there.  What a session.  It's great getting fitter but Justin has started upping the ante.  I'm going to be an absolute machine by the end of the year it would seem.

Weekend is dedicated to freelance...got a ton to do.  I haven't been able to paint in weeks!!!  Got to find the time somehow.  I just want more time in the day!


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