IF: Jump

Howdy! My entry to Illustration Friday: theme Jump.  I left this one to the last minute am afraid.  Been so busy over the last few days.  My 3D submission was due this week and I passed it with flying colours.  Very happy with that and I've been freelancing and training as well.  Catching up with people too as much as I can.

The upcoming weekend is busy with freelance, cosplay and personal work.  I need to work on my fish bone comic.  I haven't touched it in weeks!!!


  1. Tra la la la la mwahahahaha! I love his pose!

    And YAYYYYYYY, congratulations on your 3D work! No surprise that you passed. It was incredible!

  2. Oooh scary but I like it! Your backgrounds are incredible. He looks like he's jumping in hot embers.... ;)


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