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A gig am currently working on....

Something am currently working on...can't show it fully finished though!  So much to do this coming a ridiculous amount of stuff needs to get done.  Here's hoping I smash it!

Lighting Assessment Submitted

Wide Shot Mid shot Close Up 01 Close Up 02 These are my final submissions for my lighting assessment.  The maya renders where all finished up in Photoshop, prettied, lightened and yellowed to match my reference image below. Reference Image I might have put in too much yellow in my shots.  Lighting is a great thing to learn but incredibly tedious and very hit and miss and I still don't fully understand all the settings and properties of lighting. 

3D lighting assessment (WIP 03)

These were some of the renders I did before doing the big final renders.  Keep in mind that I only lit the stuff, I didn't build anything....though I probably had to re-texture a few things here and there....  I still have to do some render passes today to complete this assessment. So close!

3D lighting Assessment WIP (02)

Well...I was working on this till late and am getting more of the effect I want.  I need to make the shot a tad bit more yellow in places though but it is getting there...more or less.  Lighting is extremely tedious and there's still a bit more for me to do tomorrow.  Sigh.

3D lighting assessment (WIP)

Howdy, currently working on the lighting assessment at school.  This is no where near done yet.  Needs some yellows and oranges in here and global illumination has not been turned on.  A lot of work needs to be done....and rendering takes forever!!!  Am going to die of old age before this examination finishes!

Ivy (old job)

Howdy....another old gig.  I had to animate these vines growing and looping in a growth.  This was a screen saver of some sort.  Sometimes, I don't really know what am designing and animating for.  Sometimes, I just get a brief and I just follow it.  An enjoyable project but extremely fiddly.  I had 7 hours to do it.

Charlie (another old job)

Howdy, a gig I worked on again ages ago.  It wasn't finished by me though.  Anyhoo...a busy day again today and definitely a busy one tomorrow. All go, go from where I am and it's about to get more hectic. 3D lighting assessment starts Wednesday.  Freak out time!

Christmas e-card from last year

An e-card I worked on last year.  My first e-card job actually.  I may be doing it again this year.  We shall's hoping! I am busy, busy, seems to be my natural state now.

Squishface Moebius Fishie

Howdy!  Here's my piece for the Moebius exhibition displayed at the front window at Squishface Studio !  Opening night is Tuesday, should be a bit of fun!  I am pretty pleased with my fish.

Lighting Practice in 3D

 Starting Image   Final Image Well today we practiced lighting in Maya in preparations for the lighting assessment next week.  It was clicking a bit more today but I still have a bit to go.  I blew out the floor lights a bit and could stand to light the back room a bit better and my character shadows is not as sharp as I would like it to be.  Rendering takes forever though!  Gah!  Ps.  the scene and the model was provided, I had nothing to do with that :) 

3D lighting passes

pass 01 (ambient) pass02 (sunlight or directional light) pass03 (Rim light) Pass 04 (Ambient Occlusion)   Final Product compiled in Photoshop  Here I am...doing my first lighting passes where you do several renders in 3D and then put it all together in Photoshop.  Then there were a bunch of other tutorials today that made my head explode.  Some things have clicked but am seriously winging my way through half the stuff....  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Major project is starting up soon and lighting is really important and will be part of my assessment.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lighting is doing my head in.   I am suffering from an overload of information and not processing it all fast enough.

Global Illumination tute we're still at lighting exercises at school and this is one of the tutorials we were working on.  All about Global Illumination, a lot of fun but the rendering of this for later in our major project is going to be painful. Speaking of major project...we got out options today and am thinking of either doing a high detailed character or a realistic environment on mine.  I think I came up with an idea that might encompass both.  Going to be very challenging though.  I am wondering if I could do it.  I decided not to do the character animation option...though I would probably have a better chance of acing that.  I got into 3D because I really loved the environments, props and character builds and I really want to go forward within that realm.  That said...I do love animating and I certainly want to improve my 3D animation skills as well.

Medieval Illustration gig am working on...

Howdy!  So I am working on illustrating some work for an app.  Not too sure what it does but the client has requested medieval  designs and this is one of them in WIP.  I actually finished this up already, coloured and all but don;t think am allowed to show it. I got one of my pieces professionally framed and mounted today and it cost a small fortune!  Geez!  No wonder artwork is priced so highly in galleries.  After framing, mounting, gallery fees and commission, there's not a whole lot of money left! I wonder hoe poor I will be after my first exhibition next year....boooooooooo!

Sam the Ant

I was walking down Elizabeth Street the other day and I came across this!  That's Sam the Ant and it's a game I worked on years ago.  Was cool seeing it on a poster and I just had to take a shot of it!

Moebius Exhibtion piece complete

Half painted first base close up of head.  creepy, no? Pretty much complete Pretty creepy This is my piece for the Moebius Exhibition for the fringe festival at Squishface Studios .  She is a bit creepy no?  Kinda exorcist like.... This is the biggest fish I've done thus far.  Done with water colours on Arches paper and it's a little bit smaller than A1.  It will be impressive once it is framed and mounted. A little tired today...had a lot to do and still a lot more to go and yet am already exhausted for today.  Sigh.

Lighting exercise in 3D

Hello, hello!  First of all, I did not model this, I did however light the scene's all about lighting scenes this week.  I quite like how this looks but I did not get the right effect on the light.  Need to ask the lecturer some questions. I've been working since the morning and I still haven't finished everything.  Grrrrr!


Howdy!  Playing around with Hypershades today.  Essentially a fancier way of making textures in Maya.  Still trying to get the hang of it though.  Lots of fun and hopefully it all clicks soon on how to use it properly.

Cotton E-card

Hello, hello!  I did some e-cards a while back and this is one of them.  Everything you see here was designed and textured up in Flash.  No other program used.  Was a lot of fun!  I may be doing more again for Christmas.....we shall see! I have a really busy weekend coming up....painting, work, socializing and making time for a run.  Madness I tell you!  Absolute madness!

Kill Moom

Howdy, this was a 3D exercise we were working on at school before the major assessment, though I only had time to render it today.  The brief for this one was to "Kill Moom".  It was a bit of a laugh when we received the brief. Busy as always and hoping to find the time to finish everything and have some fun on top of that!

Where: film project I worked on

Another oldie.  This was for a film project that I did some time ago.  The designs were based on a reference photo and the sky is animated. So tired....need bed!

3D image still

A still from one of the 3D animations I haven't quite finished rendering yet.  I'll hopefully get that all done some time next week! Tired...too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it all....again.


Howdy, here is a screenshot of one of the projects I worked on ages ago...called Desdemona.  You can check out an episode here ....see the finished product of this still!   It was a lot of fun to work on and I got to do a lot of cool action scenes which always make me happy. 

Corporate Still

A picture from another corporate job I did ages ago.  Got quite a few things I need to work on tomorrow so I will be getting some shut eye shortly.  Too many things to do and too little time in the day to do it all.

The Brett Braddock Adventure

Well, here is another oldie!  A scene I worked on for The Brett Braddock Adventure by David Blumenstein .  Click on the brett braddock link to see the animation.  This animation is based on the comics which you can read here .   David finished it not too long ago and it's certainly worth looking at.  Start from the beginning though.  Of course, the whole thing is totally fictional and any character or situation that looks familiar is coincidental. Am hoping we get to make another animation about this.  It was a lot of fun to work on.

3D Character Animation Assessment

The Animated Video   A rendered still     Howdy!  So here is my animation for the character animation assessment due tomorrow  This was started yesterday afternoon and finished today.  I've done the bulk of the assessment but I have a few more things that need to be compiled and completed by end of day tomorrow.  Hurrah!  I was so freaked out last night on whether or not I was going to get this finished that I spent a few hours working on it at home.    My lighting is getting better though I am still winging it half the time and still doing a lot of trial and error to get the lights right.    I am finding animating in 3D a lot of fun, though trying to keep things from sliding too much and making sure the character always has weight is a bit tricky and making sure to key in the right body part gets a little tricky too.  Still am feeling good having gotten most of the work done.

From a pose exercise

Howdy, I have a few more animations that habven't been rendered yet.  I am currently working on my animation assessment due this Friday.  I wont really have time to put up anything new until then.

Planet Right (a project in 2010)

This is me re-designing someone elses designs into Flash.  I did this job ages and ages ago.  I have been designing and illustrating a ton of stuff today but I can;t show any of it, am afraid..... Training was pretty awesome today and I just did my first pull-up today.  Very pleased.  I still need a bit of a kick in the air to get myself up but I am getting there!  Training does make me happy.

WIP piece for Moebius

Howdy all!  Here is my WIP for the Moebius exhibition that's going to happen at Squishface later this month!  It's also part of the Fringe Festival.  So many things happening!!!!  Trying to keep up is tiring! My 3D animation assessment is this week too and I have illustration and design work on top of that!

First Coaster...for another exhibition

Howdy!  Hope everything is well with you all!  Behold my first coaster for the Coaster Exhibition show to be held at Squishface as part of the Fringe Festival.  Am thinking of doing another series of fish bones.  I did this one really was a fun and relaxing thing to do after school a few days ago.

3D Animation: Jump's a jump cycle I made at school for one of the requirements.  I really like this one.  It was a lot of fun. Did a lot of work today but still have quite a chunk to do tomorrow....and I need to create another exhibition much stuff.....