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3D texturing: Candy Tree

One of the trees I've finished up in Maya.  My candy tree!  Yah!  Still quite a few more props and candy stuff to texture.  My aim is to have the entire world set-up by Friday so I can see if I need to model up more props and stuff.... see how I go!

dukes: props

This is a prop I designed last year for Dukes of Broxstonia .  I am pretty exhausted today.  I am seriously considering sleeping sleep or not to sleep...that is the question. I am also getting my taxes done tomorrow...scary stuff.

Concept Art for a Christmas thing 02

Howdy, one of the other concept art stuff I did last year.  Been busy today and I find that I've been snacking waaaay too much the last few days.  I know it's because am in need of a distraction while working and I keep getting hungry in front of the computer.  Anyhoo, got to try and stop that.  Much to do as always.  I really wish I had more time on my hands.

Concept Art for a Christmas thing

Howdy!  This is a quick concept art I did for a Christmas gig I did LAST year.  A bit of fun but the project never went anywhere which was a shame.  Anyhoo, did a lot of work today which was awesome!  Still a bit more to go though....

job design: crab

Howdy!  A design I made a few months ago for an app.  I like it...pretty cute!  I am waaay knackered today and need to hit the hay!  Chat more tomorrow.

3D Texturing: Bunny Houses

Howdy, check it out!  The bunny houses have some textures on them now!  They actually look like the Flash concept art which is pretty cool!  Took a while to get it right though but I am pretty pleased indeed!  Working on the trees now and trying to figure out the best way to get it all done.....

3D Model Build: Bunny Houses

Howdy.  Here are the houses I modelled along with their mailboxes.  It's going pretty well and am hopping to finish up the last of the 3D model builds today.  I still haven't started on the biscuit flowers and bushes.  Got to get cracking onto those after lunch!  Always so much stuff to do!!! 

3D Model Build: Gumball Tree

Howdy, last of the trees modelled today.  Pretty pleased.  Did a lot of the props and even finished one of the bunny here's hoping that I finish modelling everything tomorrow because unrwapping everything for texturing will be a pain!

Some props I made for the Dukes

Here's some of the props I made in season 01 for Dukes of Broxstonia .  Been working on two episodes doing props, backgrounds and characters all day today.  Exhausting keeping up and am back at school tomorrow.  I would like a breather...soon.

Cat Design for an old gig

A cat design I made ages ago for a job.  I really enjoyed designing this as it was a bit of a break from my normal style and I do like the sleek look of it. Busy day but taking it a little slower...have barely recovered from food poisoning after all....

3D Model Build: Custard Tree

Howdy, here's another tree and catching up on my daily blog posts.  Food poisoning sucks.  Absolutely sucks.  I spent almost all of Friday night hurling and all of Saturday having other unpleasantness and sleeping for most of the day.  Today I feel a lot better and can eat again.  I need to sleep a lot though.  My body seems to be craving it and am spending most of the time up feeling light headed.  Not great.  I really can't afford to get sick right now but not much can be done about it except to rest as much as I can.  I have been pushing myself really hard lately.

3D Model Build: Jellybean tree

Hey....I am currently recovering from food poisoning so I totally forgot to put up a post yesterday.  Here is a Jellybean tree I modelled at school....

3D Model Build: Doughnut Tree

Howdy, here is a screenshot of one of the models I've built so far.  My doughnut tree!  I ama  slow modeller I must say.  Takes me forever to get something looking pretty!  Grrrrrr.... A lot more to model.  Watch this blog....

Concept Art 08: basic layout

Consider this a sketch in Maya.  I've pretty much placed where the miuntains, trees, houses and roads are in my world.  Then it will be me dropping the elements and adjusting things accordingly! Been a hard slog the last few days and it's not slowing down yet at all.

Concept Art07: Carnivorous Bunnies

Howdy!  This is the bunny character that lives in the candy land I'll be building in 3D.  I don;t know if I will necessarily model this guy though as characters are not a part of my assessment for Environment Modelling.  We shall see if I have any time.  It would be more impressive if I had these guys there. I animated close to 10 hours straight today and I've been designing constantly for weeks.  I am feeling a bit burnt out but I am so close to the end of this year!  Well...sort of.

Concept Art06: House Props

Howdy!  Busy,busy day today and tomorrow will be even busier.  I need to get a massive amount of work done.  Anyhoo, here are some of the props I will be modelling in 3D for my Candy land! Too tired to write more for tonight....just hankering to not be studying and working at the same time anymore.  I'm starting to feel the wear and tear of it all.  Still, end of the year is nigh!  I shall see it through!

Concept Art 05: Candy flowers and foliage

Here are some more designs I will be modelling in 3D.  So much to do!!!!!  Busy at the moment, trying to finish another episode by early tomorrow.....  hopefully.

Melbourne Marathon: 10km run

Start of the Race End of the race Howdy!  I don't normally post anything non-art related but am pretty pleased with my achievement this morning.  I joined the Melbourne Marathon and decided, with a boost of confidence from my trainer, to do the 10 km run.  I ran this morning and achieved it in 59 minutes and 28 seconds.  Not bad for a girl that in January this year was huffing and puffing doing a couple of minutes on the treadmill.  Making the time to train this year has been great.  I feel that I have more energy and more confidence and belief in myself, regardless of what other people think and my work has not suffered at all.  Not one bit actually and am busier than ever!  I have my first sport medal.  It's so cool. Anyway, I am now going to treat my amazing self to some well deserved brekky and enjoy the sun!  Maybe take a nap.

Concept Art 04: Candy Props

Howdy!  I missed a post yesterday, I was a tad bit flat out and distracted!  Here are some of the candy props am going to be modelling in 3D!  It's going to be all about the textures that will sell it!

Concept Art 03: Bunny Houses

Sooooo....I am going to be modelling these in 3D.  Behold my bunny houses where the cute, carnivorous bunny characters are going to live.  A bit of cutesy fun.  Makes the houses look alive too.  The modelling stages is going to be very interesting.....

Concept Art02: Tree designs

Tree designs done in Flash  Rough 3D Model of tree 02 Howdy!  Well, I've been working on my concept art and look of my 3D major project today and these are a few drawings I came up with for the environment.  Tree designs!  I did quite a few other drawings quite excited about this!  Making the candyland....which is Rabbit Town! 

Concept Art 01_Environment Design

Howdy!  So we've started our final project in Maya and I've decided to do an environment design and I've opted to do a candy world of sorts.  I am required to do a back story for my background and so I've come up with the idea that the town is all edible and that Sugar Bunnies live here and they entice children to stay with them for a little bit.  The bunnies fatten up the children and then eat the children.  A cautionary tale of greed.  So it's Dr Seuss, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Hansel and Gretel kinda rolled into one. I did this one really quickly in Flash today at school while finding reference images and trying to figure out a colour scheme.  I need to do more work still though...and perhaps try out other building designs and palettes.

Dukes of Broxstonia Character re-dress example

Original Character Re-dress Howdy!  So am currently working on Dukes of Broxstonia season 02, a series to be screened on the ABC.  Anyhoo, these images are from the first season so am allowed to show them.  One of my jobs in this series, aside from creating props and backgrounds, is to re-dress the characters.  The image above shows the original design and the image below is my handiwork of putting the character in drag for one of the episodes.  A lot of fun and it gives me experience with working with someone elses set-up. Been drawing and drawing aaaaalll day and it hasn't ended yet. 

Coaster Show!!!!

Come to Squishface Studio and check out our new window display for the Coaster Show !  215 coaster made boys and girls!  We would like to thank Micador for their sponsorship! Visit it us and you can see MORE coaster inside the studio!

Still image from Dogstar Season02

  Hello, hello!  Here's a still image of one of the animation series I worked on, called Dogstar .  This is a scene from one of the episode in Season 02.  A bit busy as always! Will let everyone know once my plate is semi-empty!

Coaster 04

Coaster 04.  The Squishface coaster show is tomorrow! 

Coaster 03 for Coaster Show

Howdy!  Another coaster I did a few days ago for the Squishface Coaster show ! Things are so hectic at the moment.  Working around the clock, trying to fit in school work, training and social is insane!  doing my best to make time for everything and everyone.  Difficult though I must say.  That said, and as I've mentioned time and time again, I would rather be busy than bored.  I get stressed when there is no work.  Anyhoo, once I finish school I want to get onto finishing 3 comics, creating a 3D portfolio and making pieces for a solo exhibition.  Essentially...means am going to be busy for a very long time.

Coaster 02 for Coaster Show

Howdy!  Here's something I did for the Squishface Coaster Show last night after doing some work.  If you're around in Melbourne on Sunday, come by the studio and draw some coasters! 

Previous e-card gig

A still shot from an e-card animation I did earlier this year.  Not much time to talk today as am on the move!  Lots to do...lots to do as always!

Old job ( corporate animation work)

Howdy!  Not much time to write tonight so here's a still of an old job I did!  I'm hoping to post up some new artwork from tomorrow.....doing some coasters for the Squishface Coaster Show !

Another old job (math game)

Another old gig I did...gee,  I don't even remember when I did it anymore.  I must check.  Anyway, another busy day again.  I love freelancing, I really do.  It comes at a pretty high price though but I find that the rewards are worth it.