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Front cover of handwriting book (incomplete)

Hello!  This was a front cover I did for a Handwriting book job I did ages ago.  It's not complete though as the Graphic designer had to put all the text in so am not too sure what the final product looks like yet.  Hopefully I get mailed a copy or get to see it on the shelves somewhere. Funny that it's a fish themed drawing seeing the troubles I've had in my aquarium as of late.  I am glad to report that I did not lose anyone today...though one of the fish is still rather sickly.  I am hoping he gets well but who knows how it will go.  I dread coming home and finding his sad little remains.  That said, I would rather find remains than none at all which is what happened yesterday.  I knew one of my fish was about to kick the bucket before I left for a trip yesterday and when my partner and I returned, we searched the entire aquarium trying to find his body or even a piece of his body but to no avail.  It's a mystery.... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

A TREE FOR ALL (Exhibition)

A tree for all Cowarr details The exhibition So Rob and I went to Cowarr today to submit our exhibition pieces.  Hurrah!  Will see how that all goes.  The exhibition opening is on next Sunday.  Come one, come all if you're around Gippsland! The space is beautiful and it makes me consider trying to do an artist in residency somewhere exotic and inspiring! Anyhoo...been having problems with my aquarium and am finding it rather depressing.  This is normal for new fish owners but am taking it a bit hard. Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Feathers and flowers

Something I drew up a few weeks ago and just had time to play in Photoshop today.  Been busy with the farm app job today.  Almost done!  But not quite yet.  It's not done till it's done. It's the Grand Final for footy in Australia today.  I don't follow footy at all but it's kinda cool to see the atmosphere all around.  Tired and needing sleep soon I think.... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Fish Bones now displaying at Peppers

Howdy!  So am now displaying at Peppers !  When I worked from home, this was were I went to do illustration work when I wanted to get out of the house but still do work.  Sometimes I would be here for hours.  I like working in a cafe atmosphere though it can be a bit expensive from all the coffees, lunch/brekky and maybe cake.  I love their potato and pumpkin gnocchi, mud cake and their array of juices.  The hot chocolate is rather nice too. Much to do this weekend!  Rob and I are submitting a piece to another exhibition and we still need to frame it! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

A kitty and a lady

Hi!  Something I doodled almost a few weeks ago now but only had time to colour it tonight.  Time seems to be slipping away from me so quickly.  Every day is jam packed and am looking forward to some R&R soon.....

Another happy customer!

Well, I finished this piece some time last month and this person is the recipient!  Apparently one of the best pressies he's ever got.  Woo hoo!.  A closer look at the crest is here ! Busy, busy, busy...burning the midnight oil tonight....

A Tree for All exhibition piece (WIP)

Hello!  This is a work in progress shot of the piece I will be submitting to Cowarr Art Space this Sunday.  The opening is the Sunday after on October 04.  This will be a limited digital print on archival paper for sale. Tonight am setting up a display of fishbones at Peppers  very busy.  Lucky am ahead with my animation footage or this may not have worked out at all.  I still have so much to do though!  My brain sometimes feel like it's going to implode with the amount of "to dos" that I keep ticking off and adding on at an almost simulataneous rate.  I will relax one day.  One day.  Maybe.

The Day my Butt went Psycho: animation credits

Wheee!  Check my name out in the credits!  The Day My Butt went Psycho premiered in Australia at 8am Saturday morning on the GO channel.  Was pretty awesome to watch a show that I am still working on.   It's a really good show and a must watch! Big day today...but the good news is that I managed to wipe out a few deadlines too,  A few more to go...and I may get a breather.  Maybe. Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Security Final

Hi!  Well, this is an animation still I was working on last Friday.  There were technical difficulties at the studio so i was able to go home and finish this gig which was due on Wednesday.  Hurrah for being advance!  Now to finish the farm app job and all will be swell! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

The Day my Bum went Pyscho

Howdy!!!  So, the show am working on tomorrow will be on GO at 8am!!!!  The author of the book came by the studio earlier this week and he signed a copy of my book!  The show is based on the book but takes place after the events in the book.  This is the first time I'll have something am working on shown on TV while am still working on it! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Illustration Job: History Book (Mayans)

Howdy!  This is the last of the history book job illustrations!  Greece and Rome got approved today as well.  Hopefully this gets approved and the job will be done!  Am exhausted but no rest for the wicked (nor the weary) and I have a lot of late nights coming up ahead next week.... that said I will rest tomorrow night and Saturday!  Woo hoo for days off!  More or less. Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Illustration Job History Book (Rome)

Hi!  Here's one of the illustrations for the Rome story.  Just finished it a few minutes ago.  Hoping that the client likes it.  I have 3 more to finish up and that will be this job done! Funny how when it rains, it pours....a client of mine from years ago just rung up out of the blue asking if I have time to do some emergency illustration for him.  Heh, I am pretty booked out but I will accommodate old and good clients.  I mean, I've been doing jobs for these guys (on and off) since 2007.  Not much sleep happening over the next two weeks though.  I have so much on my plate that it's pretty ridiculous...but as I always say "better to be busy than bored!". Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Illustration Job: History Book (Greece)

Howdy!  I got out of work early today and have been working on the history book job for most of today and this took most of the time.  Hoping the client likes it!  They liked the sketch so am hoping that they like this! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

WIP: History Book illustrations

Howdy!  Here's me working on the History Book illustration gig.  Cleaned up and inked all of these illustrations today.  I feel a bit behind though..wish I was already at the colouring stage but that's going to have to happen some time this week since am also working on the Farm App and I work full-time as well.  Today was my day off so I managed to get all this other work done.  Am still not done for the night though.  Got a few other things I need to do.... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Feathered Dress

Another feathered drawing.  I feel like drawing feathers at the moment.  One of my favourite things to draw.  Drew this up on Saturday, while drawing with a bunch of creative folk for fun.  It's nice to have some down time every now and then.  Tonight and all of this week is all about work.  Hope to get a ton done! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Bird Man

Hello, hello!  Something I sketched up in between work.  A lot of fun and I do enjoy drawing feathers.  I think I shall draw some more feathered characters shortly. Been really thinking of doing a Fashion-esque tumblr page.  Maybe calling it "Frock Bunny".  Name is still a work in progress.  I've never really been very good with names unfortunately... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Design Job: Varangian props

Howdy!  Here's something I designed for a pilot.  A shield, an axe and one of those horn goblets. Still working away....hoping to get everything done by next week.  A tad concerned.  Also been thinking of creating a Tumblr page with a theme.  I was thinking something along the fashion side of things.  Then also putting up the posts here.  Shall see how that goes..... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown