Front cover of handwriting book (incomplete)

Hello!  This was a front cover I did for a Handwriting book job I did ages ago.  It's not complete though as the Graphic designer had to put all the text in so am not too sure what the final product looks like yet.  Hopefully I get mailed a copy or get to see it on the shelves somewhere.

Funny that it's a fish themed drawing seeing the troubles I've had in my aquarium as of late.  I am glad to report that I did not lose anyone today...though one of the fish is still rather sickly.  I am hoping he gets well but who knows how it will go.  I dread coming home and finding his sad little remains.  That said, I would rather find remains than none at all which is what happened yesterday.  I knew one of my fish was about to kick the bucket before I left for a trip yesterday and when my partner and I returned, we searched the entire aquarium trying to find his body or even a piece of his body but to no avail.  It's a mystery....


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