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House of Birds Exhibition Opening Night.

During hanging photo by Jemimah Clegg
This was David Lee Pereira and I, 2 days before opening night.  Jemimah Clegg wanted to do an article about us and about the exhibition so she caught up with us while we were running around mad trying to figure out the hanging.  The exhibition was held at Pepper Cafe and should be up for a month!

To find out more about the exhibition, check out this article by Matto Lucas.

Early on the exhibition

Adele bought the Pink Robin!  Sold!

Ben and his purchase!

Sold!  Don't know to who!

Sold before the opening.  One of the staff at Peppers loved it!

Some of my pieces available for sale!

one of my birdies available for sale

Release the Rabbits piece, also available for sale!

My parents!

David and his sale!

More pieces from me available for sale!


I had an amazing opening night.  I was actually quite worried.  This is my first joint exhibition and the first time I exhibited that wasn't part of a large group.  Not a whole lot of room to hide when there's only two artists.  Everyone said they had a great night and feedback for the work David and I did was incredibly positive.  A stranger came to approach me (neither a friend of mine or Dave's) just to thank me for putting up my work and that he loved it.  I was very touched.  Another stranger even gave Dave and I sunflowers to celebrate the opening.  I sold on opening night too which is amazing!  I am extremely happy with the results.  I would like to do more exhibitions, commission jobs and illustration jobs this year.  I would certainly like to exhibit with Dave again as well!

The staff of Peppers were incredible and I would love to do another show using the venue again.  They were very organized, helpful and everyone had a fantastic night! Was certainly amazing!!! They were also very accommodating with Dave and I hanging till late.  In the meantime, make sure to visit them for lunch and breakfasts!  They are also open till 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays, check them out for drinks!

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