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Manga Challenge: Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

I got challenged to draw this character: Grell Sutcliff from the manga "Black Butler" when I got home tonight by a friend.  So I did.  I haven't drawn any anime in a while and I certainly haven't drawn a character by another person in a very long time.  I remember I used to draw Dragon Ball Z, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 quite a bit.  I had a big anime phase.  I don't draw them much anymore but I still like watching the anime and reading the manga.  It was a fun challenge to do.  The drawing was based off a comic panel in Vol 02, Chap 09.  With a few changes.  I don't like copying things exactly as they look.  This is all in grey lead and colour added in Photoshop.

I have been promoting my Rabbit Town facebook page all day.  Just trying to get likes and have people share it to their friends so more people will know more about me and what I do. Am up to 295 likes and am hoping to reach 300 by tomorrow.  A prize to the 300th like and everyone th…

Venus Rising piece: Purple Fury...done

Hallo!  Last piece done for Venus Rising.  Come one, come all!  It should be a good night! Only watercolours used to create this piece.

The week has been busy.  I've been working on pieces, joined sketch groups and trying to find more places to exhibit and keeping up to date of putting my folio up on different sites.  I find that I can concentrate on three and after that the others fall by the wayside.  So am doing my best to concentrate on getting two sites completely up to date and then moving onto the third and fourth.  So much to do!  I still need to design shirts on Red Bubble as well and join Illustrators Australia.

First time Urban Sketching....

Hi!  I joined a meetup group a few days ago called Urban Sketchers and today was my first day participating with them.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I have never done environment sketches before but I've always been meaning to do it.  These sketches are pieces I will most likely enter to "Art Town"  I have to make sure to get it framed and ready by April 07.  No guarantees I will get in though but am going to give it a crack anyway!

All sketches where drawn without a pencil (went straight to using a staedtler fineliner) and coloured with a combination of Mepxy and Copic markers.   The first piece I drew while standing up.  No easels so I had to hold the sketchbook with my left hand and draw with my right.  Then I had a few failed drawings, probably didn't help I was drawing under direct sunlight.  However, my next piece I did while sitting down at a cafe.

Today has inspired me to practice drawing my surroundings more.  Was really a lot of fun.  Eventually my sense …

Work in Progress: Purple Fury

Last of the pieces I am working on for Venus Rising.  This is a shot from last night, have not been able to paint today.  Hopefully tomorrow night.  A little tired at the moment.

Design Job: Lolita

Another one of my Lolita designs that I did aaaages ago.  Didn't have time to draw tonight.  Went out and watched a movie with the girls, "300 Rising"...blah...something like that.  It was so mediocre.  Seriously mediocre.  It wasn't very long I watched the film and I forgot most of it already.

Going to start a new painting tomorrow.  Last piece for Venus Rising.  See how that goes.

Piece that has gone to a new home

Hi!  My friend Vicky came by the other week and bought a piece!  Very pleased!  It's always nice to know that your work is going to a new home.

Currently, I am trying a new pizza recipe with Goat Cheese!  A friend is coming over for dinner tonight.  It's nice to have friends that live nearby and can pop in at a moments notice.  That said, I've vere tried this recipe before so it could be disastrous...hopefully not.  If it is...then I guess it's scrambled eggs?

House of Birds piece: Eastern Rosellas

Hi!  My post for tonight.  I haven't started anything new.  She's still for sale at Peppers, in case anyone was interested. 

Was a good and filled day today.  As always, there was lots to do.  I've spent some of the night organizing folios to put up on different websites.  Always tedious but good fun at the same time.

I did also managed to accomplish another thing at the gym today.  I can do the bridge!  Yay!

venus Rising: piece 03...pretty much done

Hey...this is where am at with the latest painting.  I think she's pretty much done.  Might add a bit more shading to her when the paint fully dries tomorrow.  It has been a productive weekend with joining different creative sites, paying bills and fixing up the house.  Need to do more organizing though.....the inside of most of my cupboards can use some tidying up.

Work in progress piece for Venus Rising: "Tears" (work in progress title)

A new piece I started last night.  Still quite a long way to go before she's done.  I am hoping some time tomorrow perhaps.  If this one works, it's going to be one of my Venus Rising pieces!

I also spent the evening creating my Loop Profile.  Check it out when you get a chance.  I think am going to start organizing my folios properly on that.  Gearing up to have a stronger web presence and being on all the job sites!

House of Birds piece: Chestnut Mannikins

A piece at Peppers that is still for sale!  Was a good fun piece to do.

Work has finally gone back to a good pace today.  Thank goodness, it's been a very stressful time professionally and personally but am getting through it.  Just because the roller coaster is down it doesn't mean it won't go up again....unless it's broken...then there might be a bit of trouble.

So tired!  I think it will have to be an early one tonight!

Illustration Job: Monster Badge (done ages ago!)

Flashback job!  Well, this is a design for a job I did aaaaaaaaaages ago!  I have a friend coming over tonight so no new paintings started. 

Freelance has been slow lately.  If anyone has any commission job or freelance work after hours, let me know!

Rabbit Scream

Here's my latest painting.  I am not sure if I will include it in the upcoming exhibition as it doesn't really suit the other two.  At Venus Rising, I am aiming to have 4 pieces.  2 more to go!

It's been a tough couple of weeks personally and at work.  Am hoping things pick up soon.

House of Birds piece: Blue Fawn

Hi there!  This is still for sale at Peppers.  Am actually thinking of creating a T-shirt of this too.  Most likely through Red Bubble.  Will see how that goes.  Need to go through my portfolio soon and sort out 12 versatile and rocking pieces.  Just who's for a site I want to sign up with.

An abandoned project

I was trying to do an illustrative food diary and it was a bit of an ask so I had to drop this personal project.  It is something I want to pick up again in the near future though.  In the meantime...i made a new tumblr page just dedicated to faces!

Please check it out here: face to face

Another Venus Rising piece...still untitled

Here's a piece I started and finished last night after coming home from work.  Experimenting with water colours a bit.  I don't have a title for this one.  Some help?  Coming up with titles really isn't a strong suit.  One that came to my head was "It's Monday..."  Done with watercolours and fineliner.

Do come to the Venus Rising Exhibition on April 04, Friday at 7pm at Tago Mago: 744 High Street Thornbury, if you're about and located in Melbourne.  It should be a good night.

On another note, am thinking of doing a Tumblr page, compiling all the human faces I've drawn over the years.  I wonder if people will be interested in that?  I love faces, admittedly.

House of Birds piece: Release the Rabbits

Another piece that is still on sale at Pepper Cafe!  Do grab it while you can.  Whatever is left over from this exhibition will probably be moved to another location.  As soon as I can find a place to display it in.  I wonder where though.... anyone have any cafes they can suggest to me?  I like displaying at cafes.

First piece for Venus Rising

Hi.  My first piece in a week.  I started and finished her last night.  I thought I'd try something different.  I still don't know what to title her and she's my first new piece for the Venus Rising Exhibition.  Everyone is invited of course.  I was tossing between titles like "OUT!", "BEGONE!" "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!", something along those lines.

Been a rough week and I am grateful for friends and family.  It would have been a lot harder, otherwise.

work in progress: Centipede Strands

A work in progress that I haven't managed to get back to.  Been struggling to draw lately...though it's probably because I've been trying to draw things that I think I should draw but not what I actually feel like drawing.  Hopefully I can get onto that soon.

House of Birds: Crested Shrike Tits

Crested Shrike tits and is still on sale at Peppers!  Make sure to grab your birdies before someone else does!

For other news, things are very stressful all around at the moment.  I am putting the pedals to the metal at work.  People can tell am very stressed because I start humming and singing to music while working.  It keeps me focused and stops my brain from going into panic mode.

I have also been following the manga "Kuroko no Basuke".  If you're into manga and basketball, this is a must read!

red browed finches

Red browed finches, one of the pieces that sold on opening night.  Was very pleased with that.

I need to work on some new pieces soon when I can draw again.  Been weathering a storm the last few days.  Hopefully it will ease up before long.

Newsletter feature

Hi!So I've been helping David Blumensteinon the BE A MAN animation (one of the episodes thus far) and he featured me on his newsletter!  Check out the excerpt below.

About Marta Tesoro

Marta has been a friend for over ten years and is currently helping me out with animation on BE A MAN. Here is what you need to know about her.

Who are you and what amazing things do you do for money?

Marta Tesoro, rabbit obsessed and currently green haired deviant.  I freelance and contract as an animator and an illustrator and I also do the occasional painting commission job.  So far, I've worked on children's TV series, corporate animation jobs, illustrating backgrounds, books and apps.  Essentially, if it needs animation or illustration or character set-up, am game!  I work in both Toon Boom and Flash and am efficient in Photoshop and traditional media.  I am currently contracted at Studio Moshi working as an animator on the kids TV show The Day My Butt Went Psycho.

"I have also kicked …

Commission Job: cats

Hi!  I got commissioned to draw kitties.  Can't say who the client is as the recipient doesn't know about this.  Hopefully the recipient isn't following my blog or this surprise may no longer be a surprise. 

One thing I have learned over time, is that when it comes to drawings, it won't ever turn out as cool if am not "feeling it".  Of course, I know when to switch it on just to bang the job out but if the deadline isn't that fast, I find it's better to stew on the idea for a little while.  Yesterday, I was trying to force it out and do the job even though I wasn't in the mood to draw cats and it didn't come out so hot.  In fact, am not even sure what happened.  Today, however, is a different story.  I had fun drawing the kitties! Hopefully the client likes it though!

Colour Run 2014

This is Leisl and I gearing up for the colour run.  This happened yesterday!  It's a 5 km run, walk, stroll, fun run!  Every time we reach a kilometre we get splattered with colour.  It was a lot of fun, though lesson learned that I will not be catching public transport when events like this are happening and if I do, I will make sure to catch it at the very start of the line.  It was absolute madness even trying to get to the venue!  A sea a white shirts at every tram stop...and not enough room on the tram!  It was good when we got to the venue though.  Leisl and I met up and we just geared up to run.  Though...with the crowd and the fact that not everyone was running, it became a bit of a hassle.  We ended up walking the 5 km, not a hard work out, but it was great to catch up with Leisl.

Here we are after the 5 km!  It was a lot of fun.  Going through clouds of colour, bubbles and getting sprayed with water (so the colour sticks) was definitely different to your normal fun run.…

Venus Rising Exhibition

Hello!  Hello!  Next exhibition is already locked in and my theme this time is insects!!!  Should be awesome fun!  It's not all about the pretty art work though as there will be performances like singing, poetry.  There will be drinks to be had but no food I suspect!  It should be a great night though!

Mimicry of the Muse

One of my main pieces at the exhibition.  It was quite large too and was in the front room.  First piece you'd see, actually.  The feedback I got for her was very high.  People loved her face and the softness of the work and the limited amount of colours I used.

I've started working on pieces for the next exhibition.  More details soon!