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Commission job: Brown bunny and flowers

A commissioned job that I started and completed last night.  I used markers and coloured fineliners to complete the piece.  Very cute, huh?  I really enjoyed drawing this yesterday though I ended up sleeping way past my bedtime because of it. 


Hi!  My friend Martin Sharpe, who was my classmate during my 1 year 3D study, asked me to do a small 2D animation in their student/Tropfest 3D film.  I am pleased to announce that STILL LIFE will be screening at the Melbourne International Animation festival.  Much coolness!!!!!  Click on the link to watch!

Week 14: Simple

 Hi!  Another catch up entry for the 52 week Illustration challenge the theme is "Simple"  I think my little bee is pretty simple. I had a lot done today.  Taxes, settled on a theme for my next exhibition and got quite a bit of footage done too and managed to get some freelance done at home.  Am a very busy bee! I am craving to do some urban sketching though.  I think am going to dedicate Saturday to doing just that.  I'm starting to obsess about it.  I've been scouting out locations and trying to find the best spot to draw.  There are some buildings I really want to draw but the area I need to place myself in is a bit precarious.  Too close to the road...but I really want to get some of these buildings in Richmond....

Urban Sketching: Northcote Town Hall

I was at the Homecooked Comics Festival today and that was held at Northcote Town Hall.  I really liked the building when i passed it so I thought I would draw in the sun for a couple of hours.  There were some cheap art materials for sale as well and I ended up buying a few different coloured fineliners and a couple of new markers.  I always spend quite a bit of money on art materials.  Really enjoying the urban sketching. For other news, I've been cooking and entertaining a lot lately! Blueberry Cheesecake (no food colouring) and brownies for a birthday Pizza production for pizza night at my place!

Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House

Hi!  Was sooooooo cold drawing today.  Took me like 3 go's to get this drawing and I think I could do a lot better.  Hoping to come back here again when the weather is nicer and give it another crack.  Another no pencil piece and I had to draw this standing up while balancing the sketchbook on my left arm in the rain.  I had a really good time today though.  The people are really nice, there's a great variety of professions. ages and skill levels and experiences with everyone here.  I'm socializing a bit more now too.  I tend to zone out once am in the groove.  Urban sketching really is a lot of fun!!!  Hopefully my perspective will get better naturally!

Week 01: Eggs

This is my egg submission for Week 01 of the 52 week challenge.  Yes, I am all over the shop in terms of when I do the catch up!  I thought this was a bit of fun! Been a very busy week with footage, freelance and friends.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  No...not being really has been busy and fun.

Week 17: Horse

Hello!  This is for the 52 week drawing challenge .  I drew the horse using a ballpoint pen at work (without pencils) and coloured and textured it in Photoshop.  Just playing around and experimenting.  I do love playing in Photoshop!

Farm App design: Mick the Pickup Truck

I had fun drawing Mick.  I like the old fashion trucks...but I like the designs of old/vintage cars in general.  Anyway, from the farm app again.  I didn't have a chance to draw anything new tonight.

WIP 01: coffee table cover

A work in progress shot of my coffee table cover.  I have yet to put in any details on the gold fish.  Soon though!  Work has been mental.  I am hoping to smash through some really big scenes tomorrow and I'll feel a little better.  I had a long tough-ish one today but all the hard stuff is done and that's all that matter!

Week 08: cross-hatching

Hi!  A new illustration I did for a challenge I joined on facebook: 52-week illustration challenge .  I am a bit behind since I started late so I need to go back through what I did while submitting for the new topics.  This one is cross hatching and I don't do a whole lot of it.  I did enjoy drawing this one though.  I drew it during Easter and based it off a front cover I saw.  I made the eyes way bigger though.  I love big eyes but I have a tendency to make big eyes een bigger when I draw.

A recipient of my give-away!

A recipient of my give-away for helping share my Rabbit Town facebook page!  His mum was kind enough to share my page and here's one of the pressies they received from me! I am still doing the promotion of trying to get more likes for my page so people who like and share it will also receive a free give-away (original illustration and a zine) from me!

Bunny Give Away: Dancing Bunny

One of the original drawings I sent away when friends shared my Rabbit Town Pag e.  This one went to my friend, Leisl . It was a tough day at work today.  I think when you have to animate 4 run cycles in one go, it can be a bit daunting.  I have animation fix-ups to do tomorrow too.  It's going to be a busy day...hoping to get everything done.

Randomondayness: Monsters gone cute

I haven't drawn in Flash for ages.  Feeling very rusty.  Anyhow, a drawing for tonight that I did for Randomondayness .  Thought it was a cute theme and that it was time I started drawing every day again.

Farm App Design: Sally Sprayer

Here's Sally Sprayer!  If interested in the game please go here !  Please vote for it too! You do need an iPhone though.  I haven't had much of a chance to draw up anything new.  Work is really hectic this week.  Am looking forward to a few days off.  Will see how that goes though.  Freelancer/contractors are not known to take regular holidays. Early night tonight I think!!!  So sleepy!

Supanova 2014 day 02

Hallo!  Had an awesome time today at Supanova with Adele , Ben and Kathryn .  I was dressed as Katma Tui from the Green Lantern Corp.  It was fun applying a pink face and spraying my hair black-ish for the day.  I also like myself with green eyes....I'll probably wear more of those.  Ben and Adele were Tonto and the Lone Ranger and Kathryn was pretty much our photographer for the day.  I couldn't stay that long though as the heels were starting to kill me.  Walking all day as Orko the day before does not help the cause of walking in heels the next day.  It still was an awesome weekend though and it's always great fun hanging out with friends and if you can do it in costume, all the better!

Supanova Day 01 2014

Hallo!  So today was spent at Supanova!  Whoooo!  I played Orko again and we adjusted the mask so it didn't shale around so much (the face).  My goodness, I was pretty blind though and was hanging onto Ben's cloak (Death Eater from Harry Potter) the entire time while I had the mask on.  It is hard work wearing a mask.  It gets hot, you're vision impaired and I have no idea if it's straight, half the time.  It was an awesome day though and we're in costume again tomorrow!  I just spent the last half hour sewing up little rips that just appeared on it!

Farm App Design: Seb

One of my favourite designs for this project.  Dunno why but I really like the colour combination. Tough day at work today but it could just be because it's a Friday.  Still, lots of approvals, a lot done and an awesome weekend planned ahead.  It's SUPANOVA TIME!!!!  Should be fun!!!!

Exhibition: ART-Town 2014

Sold both I need to stop wearing black at every exhibition Hi!  So I participated in the Art Town Exhibition through Melbourne Urban Sketchers .  These where my very first urban sketches and I sold them both tonight!  It makes me very happy.  I wasn;t at all expecting it.  I walked into the exhibition and the first thing I see are red dots!  I was very pleased and am glad that they are going to go to a good home! Been a good day today animating too! In's just been a good day all around!

Farm App Design: Teeny Tractor

Another one of my designs for the Farm App job.  I can't really chat much at the moment as am doing some last minute freelance work tonight!

Farm App Design: Harriet the Harvester

Hi! One of my vehicle designs for the farm app I worked on months ago. The app is called 'Farmers Friends' by Tapgo and can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store!

Urban Sketching: Intercontinental Hotel

Here I am sketching with the group Black and White coloured Here I am with the Melbourne Urban Sketcher group!  I really enjoy sketching at different locations on Saturdays.  I get to see different areas of Melbourne, I get to draw and the company is lovely!  I've been having a great time and this isn't something I draw a lot of at all but I've been most inspired by it.  The pic above is the Intercontinental Hotel on Collins Street.  I don't have a brick red.  Everything I have is either too bright or too dark.  I also don't have all my pens with me when I draw, I kinda guess which colours I may need.  So the results are cool but not always accurate.  I don;t use any pencils either.  Straight pen. It forces me not to be too precious and to try to get it right the first time.  More or less.  Or fudge it.  Either one.

Venus Rising

I did not take a whole lot of pictures at Venus Rising but here's me with my work and just a pic of the crowd that came.  It was a good night!  I had a lot of friends, some that I haven't seen in a while come and support me.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a piece, let me know!

All hanged!

It's hanging!!!  Venus Rising is all ready to go!

Gift Package for sharing!

Give Away!  Actually this is a gift package am offering to people/friends that help share my Facebook page.  I have 307 likes and am aiming for 400!  Least that's the goal before the end of the year.  Thought I'd sweeten the deal to folks who help me out.  2 zines and one original drawing!  Better get in quick though as am low on stock with the Sugar Rabbit zine!

Venus Rising 03 Exhibition: pieces

Hi!  So Venus Rising 03 is this Friday!  Check out my lineup!  The four face pieces will be for exhibition and for sale while the fishbone print and the zines will be for the artist raffle basket!  All the other artists will be contributing to the hamper too!  Come one!  Come all!  Should be a really good night!  Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket to be in the running for some awesome art! Details: April 04, Friday at 7pm and will be at Tago Mago.  Address is: 744 High Street Thornbury