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Oz Comic Con Day 02

Hallo, hallo!  Today was a very fun and busy day socializing with friends and strangers, peddling markers, drawing and just chatting to artists who were passing through.  I had a lot of cosplaying friends that posed with the markers too,  It was a lot of fun!  I do miss cosplaying myself though.  That said, it was fun to draw this weekend and I bought another 36 markers for my collection.  I need to make a point to use all of them!  Rob and I sold tons of markers too, especially in the afternoon.  Was very cool to see that we had some form of selling abilities, even though we were really there just show off the markers and not do the actual selling part of it!  Had fun regardless though and we did rather well! Feeling a bit tired though and this week is going to be pretty tough at work due to deadlines.  Fun and games for everyone!!!

Oz Comic Con 2015 Day 01

Hi!  Here are some shots from todays efforts at Comic Con.  We started from 1pm.  I didn't get to finish my piece as I was chatting to a lot of people about the markers and what they can do.  Hopefully I finish tomorrow!  That would be good.  Was fun selling and chatting to people! Adele came by to visit us too.  Doesn't she look awesome in her Maleficent costume?!?  Pretty amazing.  Rob is almost done with his piece and it's looking very awesome indeed!

Diary Doodle: 04and 05: Seal and Swans

Hi!  My entry from a few weeks back now.  Haven't had a hole lot of time to do any complete pieces lately but at least I can still find the time to do a quick sketch or so a day while things are very busy with work.  The diary does help keep track of things and I put in little reminders of what I've done on a day (if it's out of the ordinary) and keeping track of my eating out which I like to do a lot! I did draw up a few things to colour at comic con but not as much as I would like....which is a shame.  Well, just gotta do my best I think!

Diary Doodle 03: Ping Pong Goldfish so tired!  I drew this ages ago and am glad I have a huge backlog of drawings since it's going to be a bit difficult next week to come up with anything aside from my daily animal sketches.  Things are busy with my current contract work but I do believe it will be one of the coolest looking things I have animated to date, once it's released and all. So...some news, I will be demonstrating the coolness of Mepxy Markers at Oz Comic Con this weekend.  From Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday!  I need to draw more stuff to colour on the day.  It should be good fun!

Diary Doodle 02: Stag

Hi!  I haven't been up to date with posting up my diary doodles.  Am actually up to day 15 and have been drawing one animal everyday.  What animal would people want to see drawn?  I got suggested to draw an ocelot today, so that's pretty cool.  Would never have thought of it otherwise! I am currently only working on one job which is a bit nerve wracking as it's rare that i work on just one gig.  I am currently working full-time though and it's a pretty heavy job.  Perhaps I will start hunting again closer to the end date.   Maybe towards end of next week....mebbe! While am not working on all sorts of gigs, perhaps I will start on a project that I want sorted by October!

Mepxy Marker drawing: grey scale practice

Hi!  I used my cool grey marker set this time for this pic.  It didn;t turn out as well as I would like.  I missed the mark on this one I feel.  Still, it is a nice drawing.  Monochrom is hard when it comes to realism, I find!  Busy day at work today.  Been going a bit flat out.  Can't be helped.  There's a lot to do. 

Mepxy Marker portrait: JFoo

Hi!  So my mepxy marker portrait study for yesterday!  This one was hard.  Not used to drawing guys and the lighting wasn't normal and glasses aren't easy either.  Anyhoo, it was a fun piece and am getting better.  I still have a habit of making the eyes too big though!  Oops! This is my personal trainer and has been for 3 years now. Check out his FB page ! Also...another kitchen disaster for tonight: I microwaved rice in this bowl and this happened.  3 minutes in, then took it out to mix and then 3 minutes in again and this happened.  Sigh.

Art Boy exhibition: Greatest Hits Volume 02

Hi!!!  So the Art Boy Gallery e xhibition opening for Greatest Hits Volume 02 was last night.  It was a fun and awesome night briefly catching up with people and seeing all the art.  Was great fun!  I love being a part of exhibitions and trying out new themes and seeing people look at the work.  My partner whose instagram is splatt_artwork also entered a pretty cool piece! 

Mepxy Marker portrait: The Gridler

Work in progress Hi!  New portrait today! Using Mepxy Markers and some Staedtler pens for definition!  This is a photo of my friend Vicky, otherwise known as the Gridler .  Check her facebook out for the awesome cosplays she does!  She's fantastic at making costumes and has made 2 costumes for me when I cosplayed and for my partner.  She'd done a lot of costume work for a whole lot of other people too!  Anyhoo, am practicing for Oz Comic Con and doing pieces that wouldn;t be associated with markers, like portraits!  I might be doing some fan art too.  Haven't done much of those in years.  Stay tuned!

Mepxy Marker portrait: @artbynataliebeth

Hi!  Thought I would try creating a portrait using nothing but the Mepxy Markers and here's my first attempt at it!  Was good fun and I think I did pretty okay.  I probably should have extended her hair more though!  Anyway, Natalie is an awesome artist herself!  Check out her instagram at @artbynataliebeth !

Diary Doodle 01: Rabbit

Hi!  I started a food/expense/exercise and general notes diary a few days ago and as always, I like to draw in my diaries.  Here was day 01.  A rabbit of course.  It has been good keeping track of things...bills I pay and all that jazz.  I need to do a few mepxy pieces too.  Perhaps I will work on one, right before bed. Work is going to be a bit stressful tomorrow to make the first deadline.  Early night tonight I think!

Fruity fruit fruits...

Hi!  I did this drawing on one of my down time days ages ago!  I did it with Mepxy Markers at my parents place.  I just chose the fruit that they had lying around. I don't think am going to have much downtime at all for the next month.  The current project am on is pretty full on and will require a lot of concentration.

Monster Babe: Ghoul

Hi!  Here's one of my entries for the Art Boy Gallery "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" exhibition!  This one I put in the horror theme.  A lot of fun to do and I still wonder if the black and white looks better than the coloured one.  I love colours, so I may be a bit biased.  What do folks think? My partner and I suibmitted our pieces today, after doing the finishing touches this morning.  Talk about last minute as the due date was today!  Back to work tomorrow and it's going to be a very busy next few weeks. Incidentally, the monster babe series isn't done yet either.  I might be releasing something for this coming Halloween!

Urban Sketching: National Gallery of Victoria

Hi!  I actually drew this up on June 06.  Only decided to put it up now!  I've been drawing a lot and it's been great.  Hopefully I can continue when I start working full-time again from next week.  It's just a couple of weeks but it will be very busy.  That said, I've worked with the studio before and they're really good.  Great people.  Very talented with fun projects. I will miss getting up whenever I please though.  From hereon, it's early morning starts and late nights!

Animation, Rigging, Scene set-up, front view design: RAC project

Hi! So, I worked on the RAC project through Zac Creative and I animated the scene above and rigged all the characters!  I also designed the front view, based on the designs of Adele K. Thomas and Sally Mac.  I also set-up half the scenes for the animation team to work on.  Here's the link: RAC Little Legends Club   Please have a watch! This was a fun project to work on and I really enjoyed it! 

Pet Portrait: Rupert

Hi!  I drew this a few days ago, it's my friends pet cat "Rupert".  He's such a photogenic kitty!  Makes him very easy to draw.  The photographs I get from his owner, makes him really inspiring to draw too!  Done with markers.  I really want to get into some watercolour paintings too but most of my works need to be done quickly.

Urban Sketching: view outside from Melbourne Museum

Hi!  I went out with a friend some time last week and we drew this!  I had a break from work which was nice.  This was a pretty quick sketch admittedly but fun to do nonetheless.  Quite a bit of indoor sketching nowadays since it's so cold outside! I finished a job this morning and was working on an exhibition piece most of today which was good fun.  I drew something I don't normally draw.  I scanned the black and white version and now I want to colour.  Fingers crossed that it all works out!

Belgian Beer Cafe Waffles

waffle rough Hi!  Drew this last Saturday with the some sketch friends.  The waffles aren't mine though but a friends' and we all started drawing it.  Was good fun.  I don't think I got the salted caramel shard on the vanilla ice cream right....I didn't get the ice cream part right either.  Ah well!  I like the waffle drawing though! Got myself a new diary today and I want to try and see if I can stick to recording certain things for 365 days straight.....we shall see!

Coffee and Cacti

Hallo!  Here's something I drew at the Wolf and Hound Cafe  ...drew this some time ago!  Today was mostly about work and I got it all done so yay!  This week will hopefully be chilled out..going to have to check if am still set to go for next week at another place!

Mouse Heart

Hi!  How has everyones weekend been?  Mine has been relaxing and full of social events which has been very pleasant.  Had to miss out on something tonight, had too big a day yesterday and really needed to recover.  Tomorrow is actually a holiday but I believe that it will be work filled and busy...but not too busy.  Things have felt a bit more chilled since last week.  Hopefully this week is the same. This was one of my relaxing drawings for fun.  It may have been inspired by watching too much Hannibal.  Am not sure...

#Meet the Artist

Hi!  So this was going around facebook a few days ago where it was about doing a quick introduction of yourself as an artist.  Here's mine!  A quick little caricature and I think it worked pretty well.  I have this outfit too....done digitally in Flash. This week was an easy week.  My goodness, I needed an easy week.  It's going to get real hard pretty soon with an upcoming job.  I am looking forward to it though!

Ducky coloured...

Hallo, hallo!  My relaxation drawing for yesterday was this cute little girl.  Ducky is the family dog and all she ever wants is love.  Very cute and is quite old but still acts like a pup.  Been feeling a tad experimental with the colours too. I like drawing realistically but every now and's just nice to go a bit brighter.  I do like my bright palette! This week has been busy but not as hectic or as crazy as the last two months have been.  Thank goodness.  I really did need a bit of a breather.

Avocado Smash

Hi!  I drew this not too long ago when I had some free time just to relax and draw at the Wolf and Hound Cafe.  I think it's my favourite local hang out joint at the moment.  I enjoy drawing there with a good friend who also lives in the neighbourhood.  I love the Avo smash there and the coffee is great too. I had a last minute gig come up this afternoon and I am still working unfortunately.  Want to get a chunk done for tomorrow!

Indy Colour

My relaxation drawing today! Thought I'd do an interpretation of my friends Adele's dog.  Sometimes, I don't feel like drawing realistically...not totally anyway! I made the eyes too big and cartoony!  Hehehehe...anime dog!

Urban Sketching: Yarra Building at Fed Square

Yarra Building in Fed Square Photo by Jodi Wiley Hi!  Went out sketching with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers last Saturday and I drew this!  Not totally realistic but fun to do.  It's nice using a limited palette from time to time and besides, who wants to draw realistically, all the time, right?  It was an awesome day of sketching and chilling out with everyone! It was a very chilled out weekend and not a hard day today either so that's good!  I got quite a bit of work done and sorting out my rough and idea for another exhibition, trained, did some house chores (still have to do the dishes tomorrow though!). So cold tonight!  Might just chill out in bed next to the heater!