Oz Comic Con Day 02

Hallo, hallo!  Today was a very fun and busy day socializing with friends and strangers, peddling markers, drawing and just chatting to artists who were passing through.  I had a lot of cosplaying friends that posed with the markers too,  It was a lot of fun!  I do miss cosplaying myself though.  That said, it was fun to draw this weekend and I bought another 36 markers for my collection.  I need to make a point to use all of them!  Rob and I sold tons of markers too, especially in the afternoon.  Was very cool to see that we had some form of selling abilities, even though we were really there just show off the markers and not do the actual selling part of it!  Had fun regardless though and we did rather well!

Feeling a bit tired though and this week is going to be pretty tough at work due to deadlines.  Fun and games for everyone!!!


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