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Game 17 Round 09

Hi!  This is my last round for Game 17 on Kookyrabbit .  Lots of fun this one.  Drawn traditionally and colored in Photoshop. A good day today, got a lot of work done but need to get some internet stuff sorted with a technician tomorrow.  Been dropping on and off which is irritating.  It's on now though, so post, post, post!  Time to do more packing.  Running out of time now and am starting to freak out!

Game 17 Round 07

Hallo, hallo!  How goes it?  It's been a big weekend with moving stuff, events and drawing!  So much to do still!  Why is there never enough time in the day?!?!  Anyway, I drew this up yesterday morning for my turn on Kookyrabbit .  A fun little piece.  Very random, but that's what the pingpong game is all about!

Game 17 Round 05

Hi!  I drew this up a few days ago but didn't get a chance to post it here.  Was certainly a lot of fun and my best one I think for this Game.  Check out the rest on Kookyrabbit ! Was at an exhibition last night too for Art Boy.  Good fun and photos up on tomorrows blogpost!

Facedoodle: rainbow

Hi!  This was my bedtime doodle last night!  Sometimes it's just nice to doodle for nothing in particular.  I do like this style.  Very colorful and quite fun.  Went out today with friends which was quite lovely.  Catching up with good people is always a lot of fun. I have to finish my last round of pingpong now though.  I came back home late so am probably going to be stuck submitting late.

ArtBoyGallery Exhibition: Star Wars

 Hi!  So this Friday at the Artboy Gallery , Rob (my boyfriend) and I will  have pieces at the exhibition.  These are the work in progress shots for my piece.  It was close but we actually made it to deadline....with half an hour to spare.  There were so many problems with this piece!  I did it with acrylics on wood and that was a a bit of a mistake.  I am rusty and it's not that fast a medium to work on as it needs more than one underpainting to get the colors as intense as possible.  Aaaaagh!  So tough.  I had a varnishing mishap too were I put the varnish on too soon and smeared ink everywhere.  Managed to save it but I cracked it a bit, before saving it.  Luckily Rob was there to calm me down, otherwise I might have thrown it out the window. Anyway, the exhibition is this Friday!  I am looking forward to it, a lot of friend will be there to chat to!

Game 17 Round 03

Decided to draw a Squirrel for this round.  The adjusted one in Photoshop is the top image and the second image is what it orginally looked. I used Staedtler finelers to create the piece. Did pretty well at work today but didn't get to go to the gym, was feeling all head-achey.  Hoping to get more work done tomorrow, after training.  Should be good!  Would be nice to get a lot of shots done and just smash it out!  Though right now...I need bed...

Face Doodle: Kati

Hi!  This is a face doodle I did over the weekend based on a Russian model named Katiusha Feofanova, photo by Tom Mitchell.  I love models with big eyes, though I have a habit of just ending up making the eyes even bigger once I start drawing them.  Makes me happy nonetheless though.  Colour pencils and staedtler pens. Anyway, got a bit of work done but not as much as I would like.  Got to push it tomorrow!

Game 17 Round 01

My newest entry to Kookyrabbit and a face doodle!  I really do enjoy faces.  I used to draw face upon face and filling up a lot of sketchbooks.  I love drawing models especially.  The make-up, the hair...I especially love drawing ladies with big eyes.  Though, this time around, am going to try and be more varied with my lady faces...heck, maybe even draw a dude or two. We submitted our pieces to Art Boy Gallery and the curator seemed to like it.  Opening night is next Friday and it's Star Wars theme so am looking forward to it!  A few friends are coming too and it will be great to catch up with them!

Game 16 Round 10

My last one for Game 16 on Kookyrabbit , finish a few hours ago.  A quick sketch and a whole lot of photoshopping.  I do mean a whole lot.  A bit of a rush job since I was working on my artboy piece that's due tomorrow.  I worked on it pretty much all day today. A little tired...and maybe a bit disheartened.  It's not as good as I would have wnated it to be. Not much to tell except that...I have a new tumblr I've started but not too sure I can stick to it so no link for now.  Anyway, I would like to do a relaxing drawing before bed today so I might just do that....

Game 16 Round 08

Kookyrabbit sketch that I did up last night.  Turns out that I posted the wrong drawing last night.  Tsk.  Must've been really tired.  So I deleted that post and this was the one I was suppose to put up.   My last round is tomorrow and I need to draw up something new for Game 17 too.  The good news is, is that I got very far with this painting am working on.  Feeling a bit more confident that I will make it to the Sunday deadline...  I am feeling very tired though.  It's been a long few days.

Game 16 Round 06

Hi!  This is a quick illustration I did yesterday for Kookyrabbit .  A nice quick and simple one.  There's been a lot of stuff happening.  Am just going to prepare for tomorrow and then continue on with my painting.  I did manage to finish my freelance work too so am happy!  Next week I can pretty much just concentrate on my full-time gig! Busy day at work today but productive.  Finished a lot....though am thinking I shall start picking up the pace now.  Got a reputation of speed to maintain after all.

Game 16 Round 04

A quick sketch for Kookyrabbit .  Some days it is hard to keep up, am tired from working at the studio, I have freelance to do, an exhibition due and I have to pack.  Feeling like I can't keep up some times but hey, just got to keep pushing through it and cross off one thing at a time.  Just human after all!  I am smashing through a lot of stuff.  I will need to prioritize a few things this week though, just to get everything done!

Game 16 Round 02

Hallo, hallo!  I drew the Sleepy Panda a few days ago when game 16 started on Kookyrabbit . I am feeling like the Panda though.  I am feeling quite sleepy right now. I need to work on my piece too though....maybe might perk up after dinner.  Maybe. So tired...bah!

Face Doodle: Lana

Dunno why...but I thought she looked like a Lana so I name her as such!  Anyway, one of the drawing did last week before work.  I have a rather early session with my trainer on one of the days, so I drew this during breakfast!  Face doodles are a lot of fun.  Really should do more.  I find them so relaxing. Would people be interested if I put up a separate tumblr with just my faces?  My urban sketches have their pwn page but I got to say that I haven't updated it in a while.  I haven't urban sketched in a while either!  These things just go in waves for me I guess.  I can't very well have a separate page for everything I guess.

Face Doodle: Doe

A face doodle I drew up before work and during my lunch break at work last week.  I just need to draw my own thing from time to time.  Face doodles relax me.  I used to draw nothing but faces when I was a teenager...and being told off to study rather than draw...well, I was pretty obssessed with drawing. I swear there are sketchbooks just full of women faces when I was younger.  Around 12-14...before drawing anime took over.    I always come back to drawing faces sporadically though...maybe I should stick to drawing on every day and really master it.  Need more time in the day!  Was working on one of my new exhibition pieces too...due date is next Sunday!  EEEP!

IA 9x5 exhibition "Playtime"

This is on tonight!  The IA 9x5 exhibition and this is my first go participating with these guys.  I joined Illustrator Australia this year but I haven't participated in too many events yet.  This is the first! Should be a fun night!

Game 15 Round 09

Here's my last one for the kookyrabbit game 15!  The new game actually started today with Kookylane starting off. Not much to report today.  Went to the gym, had breakfast out and finished a drawing,  did work, caught up with friends at another studio, submitted work, did some packing, did some drawing and now social media-ing.  Maybe I will do more work tonight or just chill out...probably by doing more drawing...or sleep.  I had to wake up really early today to train after all!

Game 15 Round 07

This was a weird one....I blame the flu medication.  Another one for Kookyrabbit .  Game 15 just ended today.  Check it out! Not much happened today aside from work, the ongoing cold saga and drawing my own stuff for fun when I can... wish I didn't have to get up so early as I wanted to finish this face doodle I was working on.  Ah well.  Time for bed.  Getting to that point where I just want more time to work on my own stuff.

Game 15 Round 05

Hallo!  Here's a drawing I did while I was sick for kookyrabbit .  Hey, got to keep submitting even when I feel like dying....though the pic on the tumblr site isn't very good at all. A bit tired, spent today animating at the studio.  Haven't had a proper break in a while....and I still have a bit to get through.

Game 15 Round 03

A very quick sketch for this round .  Just didn't have any time when I drew this one up.  Feel like I've dropped the ball in this game.  My stuff isn't that good this time around.  Was pretty happy with the one I put up yesterday though. I am still feeling under the weather but going to be working in-house at a studio tomorrow and going to the gym in the morning.  I have been feeling pudgy lately and really need to put some focus into working out and being more active.  This year almost feels like a write off physically.  Sigh....

Game 15 Round 01

It's Movember!  Wheee!  So my first object for the Kookyrabbi t game is a mustache!  Thought I would go for something simple since I had a lot of work on at the time I drew this. I know it's been a few days since I last blogged.  I had lots of work on (and still do but the deadline is no longer as pressing), and also got sick and then have been away. Yup, busy, busy as always.  I got more work done over the weekend and have to knuckle down tomorrow as well.  So much stuff to do!  Got to get another exhibition piece ready too... a lot on my plate as usual...

Game 14 Round 10

The last with for the Kookyrabbit series.  We are on a new one right now...inspired by Movember.  This piece was inspired by the anime I was watching at the time called "Blood C."  The characters were designed by an artist that goes by CLAMP.  Love the look of his stuff. I just spent the whole day working today...maybe stopped to wash dishes and eat.  Got a lot done but I always feel like I don't do enough.

Game 14 Round 08

Hi!  Finishing off the witch entries from the previous Kookyrabbit game.  I enjoyed this one.  Simple but effective. Busy, busy, busy.  Finished off a part of a job today and already starting on the other.  I may have another one coming up too, it will keep my weekend busy.  Madness, I tell you.  I need to keep stretching regularly as well.  Unfortunately my shoulders are taking quite a hit lately and I am seeing a myotheraphist to keep any serious damage at bay.  Best thing I can do for now..along with stretching.

Game 14 Round 06

Hallo, hallo!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN for everyone celebrating today!  Another one for the Kookyrabbit game that I drew a few days ago!  One of the more popular pieces too.  It did very well across the social media board.  Funny, how I've had to spend a bit of time each day on putting my stuff up online and trying to get my work out there.  The name of the game of trying to get recognized, get jobs out there and for fun!  Wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't fun after all!  Today was a bit more chilled....though I still have work to do, it's good to just slow down a little bit before going all out again tomorrow.  I submitted my exhibition piece to Illustrator Australia, did my last round for the current kookyrabbit game today, went to a collectible store with my partner, watched the PIXAR film "Inside Out"  (very good, not that lighthearted and a must see) and now social media-ing before cooking up dinner while sporadically watching Biggest Loser.  I may do more