ArtBoyGallery Exhibition: Star Wars

 Hi!  So this Friday at the Artboy Gallery, Rob (my boyfriend) and I will  have pieces at the exhibition.  These are the work in progress shots for my piece.  It was close but we actually made it to deadline....with half an hour to spare.  There were so many problems with this piece!  I did it with acrylics on wood and that was a a bit of a mistake.  I am rusty and it's not that fast a medium to work on as it needs more than one underpainting to get the colors as intense as possible.  Aaaaagh!  So tough.  I had a varnishing mishap too were I put the varnish on too soon and smeared ink everywhere.  Managed to save it but I cracked it a bit, before saving it.  Luckily Rob was there to calm me down, otherwise I might have thrown it out the window.

Anyway, the exhibition is this Friday!  I am looking forward to it, a lot of friend will be there to chat to!


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