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Inktober Day 20: Killer Whales

Hi!  Some big stuff has happened this week but can't say too much about it yet...but...I don't have to worry about gigs is all I can say for now.  Least till the year ends anyway. Inktober is nearly last few pieces have been simple and relatively quicker than normal.  I have an idea for the last piece and am hoping to be able to pull it off properly.  We'll see though! Tomorrow is a rather exciting and busy day.  Dress ups, drawing, catch!  I am looking forward to it.  Might not be a post though.  Going to be back home rather late I suspect.

Inktober Day 18: Armadillo

Hallo, hallo!  Yup, totally behind in posting Inktober.  Posting up all my Intkober pieces will go till November.  On the plus side, am actually on time!  I will make it to the end!  There has been a bunny hidden in all my Inktober pieces.  Have you spotted all of them? I got contacted by a company out of the blue today.  More about that if it develops into something more visiting them tomorrow.  It's a big day tomorrow with meetings in the morning and sketching in the afternoon and dinner with friends at night.  A full day tomorrow!

Inktober Day 17: Sloths

Hallo!  I finally caught up with Inktober.  Only 6 more days and then I'll just keep drawing...but at a more relaxed state....though I might just panic and start looking for gigs right after this is all done.  We'll see. Today, I had a walk and enjoyed the sunshine, did groceries,baked and made dinner....after doing my Inktober stuff.   I have a big piece in mind for tomorrow so am hoping to get that all done! I also had a late night editing one of the works and getting it ready for my shop.  I am tired....more drawing tomorrow!

Inktober Day 16: Blue Ringed Octopus

Hallo, hallo!  A decent day of drawing today but no masterpieces or anything. Still, it was good to catch up on Inktober...more or less. Sometimes forget that people might actually read this blog.  It's kinda easy to fall into the trap that only I will ever read my actual posts and my when I get words of encouragement, it is very surprising to me.  A very good surprise though and probably what I needed to hear at the time. I have been concentrating on my own projects and I get very frustrated when it doesn't turn out the way I want.  I am sure that most have felt this though.  I have started to slowly sort out some images for my shop and trying to source out music for my videos.  Stuff.... I am starting to feel worried about not working though.  I more or less might have something at the end of November, but I do feel I should start sending some emails out.  Maybe.  Hard to do my own work and do other jobs at the same time.  I freak out when am not working

Inktober Day 15

Yeah...I know I've totally fallen behind on my blog posts.  A combination of being out or just not wanting to be near the computer from time to time.  Today...was not my finest drawing day.  I stuffed up a piece that i was actually happy with and am feeling like I will never get where I want to be cos am already in my late 30s and you have so many younger and more awesome artists out there who have bigger followings and better stuff.  Anyway, was just feeling a bit disheartened.  Pulled it back by drawing something decent but yeah...just a bit down about it. Other news, my family had birthdays this week, which was great, caught up with some friends and drawing as per normal.  I am drawing...drawing lots.  I will need to edit videos soon and update my Redbubble shop.  Poor things hasn't had any new work in it for ages.  I better do something about that.  Perhaps tomorrow if I get a chance.  There are chores to do and drawings to create, after all.  Anyhoo, this week is

Inktober Day 19: Happy Birthday Dad!

Hi!  I had to put this one ahead of my other entries cos it's my dad's birthday today and this painting is dedicated to him.  I remember when I was a kid that one of the few drawings I saw of my dads' was dinosaurs.  Him and my mom also helped me with my dinosaur project when I was in grade 06. It was a fun project in hindsight.  Anyway, my dino drawings aren't as good as my moms' but here is my effort!  My dad has also gotten into Wolverines lately, so I thought I'd put both of them in!

Inktober Day 13: Triple P

Hi!  I finished my last e-book today so I'll be taking a little bit of a break while I work on Inktober and sort out all my social media and start selling new stuff on online shops! Nothing new to report today.  I am a bit tired so sleeping early!

Inktober Day 13: Mecha Barracuda

Hi!  This was from a few days was a bit of fun to do.  I am actually currently finishing off Inktober 17 right now..might not post it onto my facebook page until tomorrow, I think...or maybe partially post.  We shall see. Anyhoo, my current e-book is almost done.  All pages approved except for the front cover which I need to work on tomorrow and submit.  After that...not too sure how my job situation will be...meh!  I was planning to concentrate on my Redbubble pahe next anyhow...I've been really slack.  Nothing new posted at all for weeks and weeks now.  Tsk, tsk.  I have a backlog of stuff, in all honesty.  I also have to start applying to have some of my originals sold too.

Inktober Day 12: The Musician

Hi!  I did this a few days ago.  I actually caught up with Inktober, would you believe?  That said, I've started to feel a bit flat and unhappy with the last few pieces.  It wasn't quite what I wanted or envisioned I guess and I've started to get frustrated.  Anyhoo, I was happier with todays one and am just going to have to accept that I can't produce nothing but wins.  Too tough for that... I had some friend and my partner say some really good things to me today so am just going to keep trying to make something nice a day.  I want to finish this Inktober challenge! I also finished a few pages for the e-book job am currently on.  Am aiming to finish it all tomorrow if possible...or Tuesday at the latest!

Inktober Day 11: Island

Hi!  I was pretty happy with how this one turned out...considering that I started on it quite late!  I can't wait to make it into a T-shirt once I get enough time!  Really short on time right now.  I also have a time lapse video up, got my first two pages approved for my current e-book job and finished inktober for today.  I think am going to chill out now.  Tired.

Inktober Day 10: Leaf Dragon

Hi!  Today was busy as always.  Juggling work, Inktober and chores.  I have roughs for another e-book approved and am hoping to finish it by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  See how we go.  I actually recorded how I drew this but I haven't finished editing the final footage yet. A bit tired...going to watch some TV now and chill out with Rob.

Inktober Day 09: Firemouth

Hi!  Inktober Day 09...finished it yesterday.  I also finished my 10th one earlier today and am also back on Kookyrabbit.  On top of that, I have another e-book to work on.  Yay! I am a busy, busy girl. Tomorrow I am off to get some supplies and to socialize! Since starting Inktober, I haven't really been out much.  Looking forward to it!  I will be bringing my Inktober piece tomorrow to work on though.

Inktober Day 08: Poison Dart Frogs. Primary VS Secondary

Hi!  I finished this piece yesterday.  It was all about color yesterday! I had good fun and I always find it fun drawing poison dart frogs. I made up some of the patterning though.. Anyhoo, there are three rabbits hidden in this pic, see if you can find them all! For other news, I finished and submitted my latest e-book gig today. It was a very quick turn-around.  I asked if they had more work, otherwise, I may just spend the whole month concentrating on my work!  I haven't been able to update my Redbubble shop, Dribble account, behance, much to do!

Inktober Day 07: A Stroll

Hi!  My drawing for yesterday!  Yeah, the blog runs a day behind the actual Inktober days and because am a day behind already, the blog then runs two days late.  Oopsie! I finished my Intkober for today early enough that I can start working on my actual e-book illustration job.  Need to get onto it!

Inktober Day 06: Arowana Rainbow

Hi!  This was yesterdays effort....playing with the gold ink and super bright colors.  A lot of fun but a mammoth effort to get done in a day.  I finished my number 07 one today and am glad that it didn't take as long.  It still took ages though! I worked on an illustration job and submitted this morning, did some house chores and drew up Inktober 07.  Tired!

Inktober Day 05: Blue Whale and Friends

Inktober Day 05 was yesterday!  Another long piece.  Today's one was even longer though.  Not much news cos I was drawing all day! I did send roughs for a new e-book I need to get done next week and that is all approved!  Hurrah!  I am tired...doing Inktober stuff has been quite epic thus far.

Inktober Day 04: Oscars

Hi!!!  This piece, I finished last night at about 2:30 am.  I started on it pretty late since I was finishing an illustration job.  It turned out pretty well, I think and the best one I've done so far in this series.  Judging the social media likes, looks like I might have had a winner with this one!  I am still behind and tomorrow I need to work so I might even get more behind.  Bleh!!  Trying to keep up with gigs and making good pieces is tiring.   I was inspired to draw oscars based on my friend's picture of his pet and I thought it was an awesome looking fish.  They don't come in that color though, mutated oscars perhaps? This one is definitely going on my Redbubble shop though.  I've had requests already! Tomorrow, I need to start on another toddler e-book and a money illustration job!

Inktober Day 03: Release the fantails

Hi!  A combined post for Inktober, 52 week illustration and Kookyrabbit ! This is Day 03 and I need to be on Day 05 already!  I'm still working on Day 04!  Eeeek! Oh well.  Some dino book is approved and done and dusted!  I start a new book tomorrow.  I had a crisis this evening since I was trying to color my Inktober 04 piece and the main pen I was using ran out,  How could this be!!?!?  I barely used that color.  Anyhoo, I need to buy a refill but don't really want to go to the city tomorrow so found some similar-ish pens and hopefully that works.  It's going to have to anyhow!!

Inktober Day 02: New Zealand Fantails

Hi!  I am posting up a day later on my blog for Inktober 2016.  Loads of detail in all the works thus far and A3 in size. Today was a big drawing day for Kid books and Inktober that am trying to combine with kookyrabbit and 52 week illustration.  Trying to kill may birds with one stone is the name of the game to save time!  More ex[posure too.

Inktober 2016 Day 01: Ribbon Seals

Hi!  Inktober started yesterday and this was my first entry.  Yay!  It's A3 in size and inked with a traditional fountain pen.  Dipping ink in the bottle and getting it to work.  I think I managed to get the hang of it though.  Not too sure if I will stick to animals but I am enjoying it thus far! I am hoping to complete the full 31 days of drawing and to have 31 good drawings.  I may even color all of these once it's done...while keeping the black and white scans. Can you spot the rabbit?  There will be one hidden in every drawing.

Animation Job: Guy Sebastian- Candle

Hi!  Here's the most recent animation job I finished at Flutter !  I do like working with these guys, they always have a lot of fun projects.  Anyhoo, this was for Guy Sebastian- Candle Do check it out on youtube!  The stills I put up where the scenes that had a lot of my animation.  I did the two main hands in the shots, flying insects and a lot of the rough blobs that come from the ground. It was hectic but a lot of fun.  The awesome thing about being a freelancer and a contractor is working on a whole lot of different and interesting projects! Inktober starts today and I've already posted up my first one!