Inktober Day 16: Blue Ringed Octopus

Hallo, hallo!  A decent day of drawing today but no masterpieces or anything. Still, it was good to catch up on Inktober...more or less.

Sometimes forget that people might actually read this blog.  It's kinda easy to fall into the trap that only I will ever read my actual posts and my when I get words of encouragement, it is very surprising to me.  A very good surprise though and probably what I needed to hear at the time.

I have been concentrating on my own projects and I get very frustrated when it doesn't turn out the way I want.  I am sure that most have felt this though.  I have started to slowly sort out some images for my shop and trying to source out music for my videos.  Stuff....

I am starting to feel worried about not working though.  I more or less might have something at the end of November, but I do feel I should start sending some emails out.  Maybe.  Hard to do my own work and do other jobs at the same time.  I freak out when am not working though.


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