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Merry Christmas in Advance Everyone!

  Hallo everyone!  it's the night of the 23rd, and just in case I don't have time to write tomorrow, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to everyone that pops by on my blog.   Things have been rough for a lot of people this year.  I am wishing that everyone that had a rough year, I hope it's better for you next year in 2021.  Myself, I am grateful that I was in an industry that could work from home and was Covid safe.  I am grateful that lockdown in Victoria ended before Christmas and I can see my family, friends and actually work out in a gym with my trainer.  I am grateful that I picked up quite a few jobs after my full-time contract ended and I am not grateful that I have finished all my work and can take a breather, perhaps get all these projects on my list done before looking for more work.  I am grateful that I was inspired to draw skulls this year and stayed productive and di not go mad being isolated from a lot of people.  I am grateful we had the i

Launching Fuzzy Pudgies

  Hallo, hallo!  Rob and I launched our little side project Fuzzy Pudgies on Instagram  and Facebook  , do have a look at both since the content and format is mostly different.  Fuzzy Pudgies are hand made wooden brooches, all hand cut and painted by myself and Rob.  Check out the videos!  Rob cutting..... ...and me painting. It's been really enjoyable painting wearable art and seeing other people wear it too!  So much fun to do and cute little gifts to give! I traded pins and other products with my friend, Jess here.  Do check out her o hjessicajessica instagram! These were birthday presents we made for a few other friends! First was for my friend Shweta.  The cat just happened to match her outfit on the day! I don't normally even use that colour palette so I guess it was meant to be! Then my friend Sandra and it's based on her cat Mish.  I have a lot of cat owner friends.  A lot of artsits really do veer towards being cat owners since they are more dependent and are not a

Finished Huevember 2020!!! YAY!!!!

  Hi!  I finished!  Yay!  The one and only art challenge that I manged to finish this year and draw in a row.  It was really good fun and my Proko skull got a huge work out in November. I also managed to do a few more skulls afterwards but I think am ready to draw more than just skulls.  Still with the skulls or bones but with other animals and maybe a different medium like water colours or gouache!  Will see how we go! Anyway, been really busy with work, am currently animating on a pilot and trying to finish illustrating a short story before Christmas, hence why this post was late.  I have been working on another project with Rob and that's been a bit of fun!