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Life and Lucky Cat purchases and dreams

 Hi all!  My, it's been a busy month and now it's the end of March.  The year is flying!  I am pretty busy with freelance right now, the ones above are a couple of patterns I submitted and got approved.  Hopefully we'll see it on fabric at some point.  I am currently working on a few books and a commercial job and painting cats when I can.  I wish I could say more about my actual jobs but alas, until it's been released, I can't I am also in the mood to collect Lucky Cats.  I prefer ceramic figures best.  I found a shop in Northcote with quite a few I would like to buy and one in Sydney.  I can't go to Japan right now, but it's still nice to get made in japan the cats.  That said, it doesn't necessarily have to made in japan.  If the design is nice, am going for it!  Here are my latest acquisitions. Aren't they adorable?!?!?  I do have my sights on more expensive and more artisan made Lucky Cats now though.  The cats make me happy.  I li

Fuzzy Pudgies: hand made pin backing

  Hi, hi!  How have things been?  I've actually managed to create hand made backings for all the brooches I have available to sell for Fuzzy Pudgies .  I just need to make a shop now....but easier said than done.  I have quite a bit of freelance to do and am trying make new brooches on top of that.  It's a bit mental right now, admittedly.  Everything just takes so much time. I am enjoying painting the pins though.  We'd probably make more money and sell more if they weren't all one off designs but I like having each one be special.  Ah well.  Maybe I'll do some mass produced ones and sell via my Rabbit Town account....when I get some time.  I have so many projects I want to do and things I need to study but am just always busy!  I am enjoying life though, so that's a plus. Here's a work in progress pic of trying to cut up the pin backing: Well, that's all for now!

Fuzzy Pudgies: Cat Portraits to Date and life

Myra, Marble and Dax Mish, Charlie and Isis Hanzo, Ping and Coco   Oscar, Dr. Pixel and Mr Quest Hallo, hallo!  Oh wow, the first week of March is gone already!  Where is the time going?  We're already 3 months into 2021.  Well, I thought I'd put up all the kitty portraits I've done to date!  A combination of commissions, gifts and trades!  My workload has gotten a bit heavy now with freelance so  I haven't been as active with promoting my pet portrait service.  I am still taking commissions however.  The next batch of cat portraits will be for the "real looking cat series" for Fuzzy Pudgies  . It'll be fun to draw up different cat breeds, I think! I had fun with all the portraits and am pleased with how they all turned out.  I had a few disasters where the paint actually curdled during the glossing process and I had to re-paint it all over again and we had one get damaged in transit so I had to re-paint from scratch and Rob drove me to the address (luckil