Fuzzy Pudgies: Cat Portraits to Date and life

Cat Pet Portraits
Myra, Marble and Dax

Cat Pet Portraits
Mish, Charlie and Isis

Cat Pet Portraits
Hanzo, Ping and Coco

Cat Pet Portraits
Oscar, Dr. Pixel and Mr Quest

Hallo, hallo!  Oh wow, the first week of March is gone already!  Where is the time going?  We're already 3 months into 2021.  Well, I thought I'd put up all the kitty portraits I've done to date!  A combination of commissions, gifts and trades!  My workload has gotten a bit heavy now with freelance so  I haven't been as active with promoting my pet portrait service.  I am still taking commissions however.  The next batch of cat portraits will be for the "real looking cat series" for Fuzzy Pudgies . It'll be fun to draw up different cat breeds, I think!

I had fun with all the portraits and am pleased with how they all turned out.  I had a few disasters where the paint actually curdled during the glossing process and I had to re-paint it all over again and we had one get damaged in transit so I had to re-paint from scratch and Rob drove me to the address (luckily was a local in Melbourne) so we could hand deliver.  It's what made me change my packaging method, especially when getting mailed.

Fuzzy Pudgies

Craft boxes are more expensive but they look nicer and are solid, especially when mailing.  My stamp wasn't ready at the time so I hand drew my logo onto the boxes.  I have ordered a stamp, so hopefully it will arrive before someone else purchases a cat and I'll have the packaging looking much nicer.

Here are some photos of kitties with their cat brooches!  The grey British Short hair is a magnet though.

We've been asked on more than one occasion if we will do dogs.  I wouldn't rule it out but not at the moment and certainly only for a limited time.  Rob and I are more keen to focus on the cat niche rather than spreading ourselves too thinly.  I also want to do some birds, insects, fish and bunnies but again, cats first and we might do a special week here and there or do a small line/series. I still haven't set up an online store or website yet, so one step at a time.

It's getting tough keeping up with freelance and producing kitties.  My projects for Rabbit Town Art has fallen by the wayside since I just can't keep up.  I am still gathering both birds and fish references and have a skeleton ready for when I focus on Rabbit Town stuff.

I also want to do more lucky cats.  I had this whole book project in mind and now I can create my own.  here I am wearing my Lucky cat shirt that can be bought at my Redbubble shop and wearing the biggest brooch I've made to date.  It's a magnet brooch and is for sale.

Currently, I just finished a big book job and waiting on approval, I am illustrating patterns for a new line, waiting on feedback for some business illustrations and working on a test for a job am going for.  First time I've ever had to do a test (which is unfortunately for free) for a job but it's a position I wouldn't mind getting and it's an all around test, so I have to design the character, the background, all props and animate it.  It's an experience, I must say but it's been a really long time since I flexed all those creative muscles at once, so I really don't mind.  And before anyone asks, no am not worried about them stealing it, since I've worked for this company as a freelancer for over 10 years and they're very reputable.  I am currently trying to see if I can get a gig in another department on top of what I do for them already.

I was also in the city with Rob the other day and we got coffee and cake and this was on my coffee.  There is no escaping the cats at the moment.  Isn't it the cutest thing, though?  Barista has skills!

Well, am hoping to finish painting one more cat before I call it a night!  Am trying my best to make a lot of cats (but not rushing it ) so I can actually make time for my illustration projects.

To finish off, here's the other thing I'm not being creative, am all about the gym!  When am not stuffing my face full of yummy food with friends, cos you know...I actually want to enjoy life too.

Started with the 5kg and ended with the 15 kg.  Not too bad considering I was struggling to do dips a few months ago!  Well, I hope you all have a good night!


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