Life and Lucky Cat purchases and dreams

 Hi all!  My, it's been a busy month and now it's the end of March.  The year is flying!  I am pretty busy with freelance right now, the ones above are a couple of patterns I submitted and got approved.  Hopefully we'll see it on fabric at some point.  I am currently working on a few books and a commercial job and painting cats when I can.  I wish I could say more about my actual jobs but alas, until it's been released, I can't

I am also in the mood to collect Lucky Cats.  I prefer ceramic figures best.  I found a shop in Northcote with quite a few I would like to buy and one in Sydney.  I can't go to Japan right now, but it's still nice to get made in japan the cats.  That said, it doesn't necessarily have to made in japan.  If the design is nice, am going for it!  Here are my latest acquisitions.

Aren't they adorable?!?!?  I do have my sights on more expensive and more artisan made Lucky Cats now though.  The cats make me happy.  I like making my own, I like buying them and I am even considering supporting artists I like and commissioning a few.  I have also decided I want to re-draw my collection, make them more uniformed in style and actually make that book/zine of them all.  

I also found some online shops with more Lucky Cats, it seems like the Kutani ones are especially pricey.  This is the most expensive ones I've seen to date for $1,300 USA.

They have a lot more in this shop.  A few styles I already own but the heavily decorated Kutani  If I actually earnt a lot more, I'd be collecting these.  So gorgeous!

Anyway, lots of work to do tomorrow and need to turn in!


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