Long time no writey!

Hi, hi!

It's been a while since I last wrote, almost 2 months! My bad! Lots of things have been happening :)

I finished up at Ettamogah in early August and had a few days break before starting work on animations for Shangri-La Hotels which was pretty good, that went for a little more than a week. Afterwards I had a break for another week and now I will soon be starting another job for Wizzmedia and possibly Nine Lanterns. We shall see. All freelance stuff so I get to work at home and continue going to the gym regularly which is great.

About the gym, I've been going with Justin Foo, an animator I've worked with at Ettamogah(2007) and at Viskatoons (2005). He's been helping me out and training me...it's been awesome...though rather painful at times and this new workout he's put me on destroys me more often than not....ayuh. Resluts have been quick though.

I've also started re-drawing the character designs for Sugar and Lice as well. Production for that will be starting again soon. That's a Vincent sketch above.

Well, that's all for now :)


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