Rainy Weekend


It was wet, soggy and hailing today so I spent most of my Saturday at home and came up with this illustration! I am pretty happy with it. It's fun getting back into fashion illustration, it was a major hobby of mine years ago.

Things have been good lately. My climbing and Muay Thai has been improving and so has my animation. I still make mistakes but a bit of practice and dilligence and hopefully everything will gel together.

I also need to start updating my machines asap and start downsizing. I will probably spend the day tomorrow just getting rid of all the files on one of my machines ( I have two) and moving it to the other one which is newer.

Not much else has been happening, I have been spending far too much cash lately and have planned a budget and set up goals on where I want to be financially by the end of next year. I still think about the money I loaned to my father but not much can be done about that now. It still stings every now and then. Mind you, with Christmas coming around, trying to save and budget really isn't going to happen...meh.

Got a deadline next Wednesday so I may not be able to train on Monday night for Muay Thai as planned which is a shame. But looks like I'll be climbing twice next week which should be nice :D! I think I'm climbing a lot better but I still dont have the same stamina and strength that I used to have before I stopped climbing for 3 months. Not too sure if it was because I did a lot of weight and gym training back then...hopefully it comes back soon.


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